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  1. In the midst of restoring my '37 Dodge Sedan and need a steering column. Also needed is the chrome trim pieces for the entire car. Message me if you could help:rolleyes: -Michelle
  2. I bought my windows here as a set. The guys running it are very friendly and knowledgeable The Glass Man - Custom Auto Glass for Vintage Vehicles
  3. Are you selling parts or the whole car?
  4. Holy cow! I believe my original questions have indeed been answered. Thank you all for your input.
  5. In terms of car knowledgability, I consider myself a notch or two above a novice. Luckily, many of my friends are mechanics. Considering I have everything, except the actual mechanisms of the car; I think I'm 50% done, Mudgy In regards to the gas tank, I currently have one from my parts car. (I'm keeping that link though!) Aside from adapting and the obvious un-authenticity is there any problems I may encounter from not using model parts?
  6. So here's a few pictures [finally]. I have the rear fender and windows, which are missing in the images. As you can see, there's a lot of work to be done. -Michelle
  7. Sorry guys, School took the forefront and being new to forums I was a bit distracted. Currently, my car is not running. So my first priority is to get her running. I bought a parts car (an El Camino) :X sorry I know that's the biggest taboo. I intend for this to be a long term project, so ultimately before I die, it will be a complete authentic restoration. Thanks for all the tips!
  8. Thank you, Vern!! It is a humpback. I'll see to it to get some pictures up soon, as well. -Michelle
  9. Hey Guys! I am new the forum and I'm starting my first restoration project. I recently bought a '37 dodge d5 sedan! And now I've encountered a few issues I can't seem to find an answer to; such as: Where is the location for the gas tank? (my body has no clear placement for it) Where might I find the car id#? Is it compatible with a '38 grill? Thanks for the help! -Michelle:)
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