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  1. The back looks different from your picture, but found #. It is IM148.
  2. Added pictures of parts. Let me know if interested. Thanks.
  3. Have some parts for sale off of 1930 Dodge 1-1/2 ton truck. Brass radiator: $150 OBO Hood: $175 OBO Gauge panel: $50 OBO Let me know if interested and we can work out price and shipping. Thanks
  4. Added some pictures of some of the parts. Hope this helps!
  5. Hey Guys, I've got some parts for a 1930 Dodge Bros. 1-1/2 ton truck for sale. They are mostly body parts such as patch panels. Need to get rid of for possible move. I'd really like to avoid scraping these parts if someone could use them. Let me know if you see anything you're interested in and you can make me an offer. Thanks! -(2) Front Wheels with Brakes -(2) Window frames with tracks - Interior seat structure *Body Parts (some good for patch panels)* -(2) Half top of door frame -Top half of back cab body panel -(2) Top corners/panels of cab -(2) Top half of cab rear side panels -(1) Front
  6. Hey guys. This is an older post, but wanted to bring back to life as I still have some parts for sale. I need to get rid of these items for a possible move in the future and I'd really hate to scrap the parts since they are originals and if someone can use them. See photobucket link above to see the parts listed for sale. Drivers front fender is already sold.
  7. Gotcha. Then the lens just lays on top of the reflector, and the springs type supports withing the headlight ring just push against the glass to hold it all in? I am needing to find some new headlight lenses for these buckets and just want to make sure I get everything I need. Thanks
  8. Could anyone tell me how to assemble the headlamps and what's is needed for the headlamp assemblies for a 1930 Dodge Brothers 1-1/2 ton truck? When I got the truck the lens were busted, I don't remember seeing a seal? Looks like they were 9" depressed beam lenses. Thanks for any help!
  9. Thanks carbking for the link I'll look into it more. I appreciate the help. I was looking at going with a dual carb setup as well, but if I'm having a hard enough time trying to find this one carb it seems like it be pretty tough to find an identical to go with it. I was just just really hoping on being able to use the bbs. They have a slightly bigger bore than the bb and seem like itd work for my application on engine build up.
  10. I'd like to stick with the carter bbs carbs if possible or I guess I could go with the carter bb carbs instead. Just having a hard time even finding out what type of carter bbs carb this is?
  11. Yea, I tried that site as well before and even talk to them and they told me the wrong kind of carb kit. They told me I needed a carter BB kit, but 55 is when they started building the carter BBS 1 barrel carbs for the 6 cylinder trucks. I've seen some with an auto choke, but not manual choke?
  12. Hey guys, I've got a 230 flathead 6 out of a 55 dodge 1/2 ton truck and am needing to get a rebuild kit for the carb, but am having a hard time identifying the model as the carb is missing its I'd tag. Ive looked in my old auto repair manuals and can't find it? It looks like a carter BBS 1 barrel carb with a manual choke, but still not sure of the model #. Any ideas? Thanks
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