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  1. I've seen links/files for paint schemes/Colours for other models. I was just wondering if anyone had any links, or files, pertaining to the aforementioned for the Victory Six. I know I've seen one before on the net, but I can no longer find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. It is quite possible that these other parts are for another DB car. They were amassed by my uncle (whom I got the car from), I think he would have been mechanically inclined enough to only collect DB stuff. I think someone said in a previous post that the radiators look like they may be from a Standard 6. I will take measurements on that, and post them when I have a moment. Would any of this stuff be of any use to me?
  3. Last, but not least (this time anyways). We'll call it Pedals #1. More to come.
  4. As promised here are some more of my "treasures". I'll call this one Gearbox #1
  5. Yeah. I thought they were similar too. I just wasn't sure, because of the missing emblem. So does that mean they are both for a 1928 Standard 6? If so, they aren't even for my car.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll try and add a few more pics, tonight, of more of my mystery parts.
  7. Again, a radiator (Radiator #2). This one bears the DB emblem at the top.
  8. So, here is the first one. Obviously, it is a radiator (Let's call it Radiator #1), but that's about all I know.
  9. So, I have a "treasure" trove of antique parts that came with my car. However, I'm not sure what some of them are. I thought I would post some pics of the parts. If anyone has any idea what they are, what car they are off of, or what year the part is, then that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes. You are correct. The seats were redone in the late 60's, or early 70's, with the last mohair they could find. The colour matches the original material swatches though (which I still have). The car basically sat after this was done, so they are just like new. 8)
  11. Would it help to give them a coat of something else, after the linseed oil, to protect the wood? I think it is a nice look.
  12. I think I will call this message, "Things I found it the car". A couple are obviously cranks. The bent one was in the car. The other one I had in my pile of odds and ends. I think there is a jack in the compartment under the seat, but I am not sure what the other stuff in the pics is. Any ideas?
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