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  1. I have a tendency to re-decorate and move things around a lot, but right now, this old "Star Cars" sign is a focal point about our living room sofa.
  2. I love that Packard! Coffee table is super cool too. My dad collected radiator emblems and give me a framed set that I have on my wall in the kitchen. It is a good conversation starter.
  3. OMG! You have such a great variety of stuff. I love the grill and the windshield.
  4. It is still in Iowa. Norm Left it to his girlfriend. If you private message me, I can tell you the details. I hope to hear from you. Thanks
  5. I'm just putting a reminder out there that my dad's auction in August will be including the classic cars from his collection, along with many classic car parts from his shop, Norm's Antique Auto Supply. This auction will be August, 26th in Cambridge, Illinois at Stenzel Auctions. Welcome to StenzelAuction.com!!! Here is a listing of the cars: 1. 1940 Packard Convertible 2. 1928 Stutz 3. 1927 Stearns Knight 4. 1929 Willys Knight 5. 1939 Ford V8 6. 1929 Chevy Coupe 7. 1960 Nash Metro 8. 1938 Ford V8 project car. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to reply.
  6. Just in case you didn't know, Norm's 1940 Packard convertible is going to be auctioned in August in Cambridge, Illinois at Stenzel Auctions. Welcome to StenzelAuction.com!!! Also, the bulk of his inventory of Packard parts will also be included in this auction. He had many new old stock parts for Packard as well. There will also be lots of Chrysler parts at this auction along with other makes. Let me know if you have any questions.[ATTACH=CONFIG]147614[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]147615[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]147616[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]147617[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]147618[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]147619[/ATTACH]
  7. If any of you guys are looking for a nice 1940 Packard for sale, you should go to Norm Miller's estate auction in August. There will be a nice 1940 Packard Convertible for sale. Here is a picture.
  8. I just wanted to put out a reminder that my dad's next auction will be held on August 26th, in Cambridge, illinois, by Stenzel Auctions. You can access their site by going to Welcome to StenzelAuction.com!!! to see what cars and parts are still remaining. Most of dad's classics will be at this auction. I have some pictures and can give you information if you have any questions. Thanks,
  9. I just listed a Peerless Moto meter on Ebay. It is a 5 day auction. Comes from my dad's estate. I haven't seen a whole lot of other Peerless parts but I will be keeping a look out.
  10. It's quickly becoming obvious that the men are owning this thread! Here are a couple of things I found while web browsing. I gotta love that spark plug clock. Keep the pictures and comments coming.
  11. Whoa! I like everything you have done. I think your home should be in a magazine. The license plates on fridge are very cool. Did you attach them with magnetic strips? The piano bench with the emblems is to die for. Also love the flying electrolux vacuum!. I have some emblems in a frame myself I will have to get pictures of them posted soon. There is still a lot of stuff that I need to go through yet. Our house is a mid century ranch, and I'm not one for clutter, so I cant put everything up at once. but I rotate the decorations. Thanks again for sharing.
  12. Okay, It might take her a while to locate it, but I will ask her to look. Thanks, Donna
  13. I have one issue of November 2007, and my dad may have had some others, but I don't have access at the moment. I can ask my sister to see if he had any of these. He subscribed to tons of magazines, and we saved them because we didn't know what else to do with all of them.
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