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  1. Have you seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGUR8USJTPo#t=58 [h=1]Avanti : Documentary on the Unique Studebaker model Avanti [/h]
  2. Hi Chris, looks like things are shaping up well and not too soon either. I hope you don't mind a change in subject for a moment but you mentioned something here that I became curious about after witnessing it while traveling last week. I saw a lone surveyor working and it appeared that he was using "automated" equipment. Is this what you meant by "robotic"? If so, when did that come into use and how does it work? Thanks for info and I hope it's not premature to congratulate you in the completion of a major step with your Avanti.
  3. Thought you might be taking a break and glad to see you are still here. Fascinating stuff. There is a 2003 VW Beetle convertible available should you decide to take on something more recent. My research leads me to believe that it would be almost as difficult as your Avanti though. You're doing a great job on the car, and the website!
  4. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary of "avanti rescue"! I come here everyday to see what you're up to and am never disappointed. What a long way you and "mighty-fast" have come. I look forward to reading about your avanti adventures and, as they used to say, Happy Motoring!
  5. And all this time I thought the Answer Fairy was my best friend. Has he introduced you to his sister, Memory Fairy?
  6. The "start up" You have to love the internets...
  7. These hubcap pictures got me thinking about the "chrome" plating process in the 60's. I remember shiny parts from that era that had substantial heft to them. Are these hubcaps heavy? What holds them on?
  8. ...and I forgot that this engine is supercharged, which may or may not change that potential icing dynamic.
  9. "From what I have read it is only put there to stop carburetor icing, and I don't plan on driving the car in the sub-freezing temps." I vaguely remembered something related to this and did some quick research. You may wish to read this: Carburetor heat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Hi Chris, another one of your kin here and I am very relieved to see that your friends here have convinced you to give those freeze plugs some attention. Brian is correct about the fate of that Hawk's original power plant, as I was there, in the "breakdown" lane along John Hanson Highway that Saturday night as we returned home, or attempted to return home. I have never forgotten the sad noise emanating from that 289 as the block's iron molecules rearranged themselves into something inconsistent with internal combustion. Haven't thought about that night in many, many years. There is a good deal
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