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  1. I just now saw this reply... let me dig out my book and look, if you still need it.
  2. Do you have pics of what the running board trim looks like? I think that is what we are missing on ours.
  3. Hi there - are you talking about the little bracket in the rear of hood in the picture?
  4. Hi all - does anyone out there have good pics of the whole trunk handle / license plate assembly? I have looked at all the diagrams and manuals I could find but I cant get a real clear picture of what all the parts are supposed to be or how the go together exactly. Anything info wise would be wonderful or pictures too. Thanks.
  5. Just a thought for a moment - but not going to change it now. Thanks for the input though - every answer I got was the same as you all's! That should tell me enough. Always abundance of great info from you all.
  6. 1936 Chrysler Airstream - want to convert to 12 volt positive ground - has anyone done this or know anything about it? Only thing that's not original is the 1-wire GM alternator with positive ground. Without having to change the coil or fuel tank sender and guage, want to still run the car positive ground but need to regulate it to 6 volts. I know the amperage that the coil will draw and the guage and sender unit, will be too much for a regular lm7906 regulator. Need to connect it with a transistor but not quite sure how to do it. Anyone ever done something similar? Plenty of people have
  7. Wow... i knew they were not even close. Problem is... those were the ones that came with the car. I didn't know they werent the right ones at the time. Well maybe someone is looking for some mercury parts. Hard part will be trying to find the right ones I guess. Thanks so much.
  8. Hi all - think I have a small problem. Finally found the box that contained the front bumper guards that we had re-chromed and when I unwrapped them, this is what I have... If they are supposed to be the same as the rear ones, THEY ARENT EVEN CLOSE! Am I correct on this? Any comments welcome. Thanks.
  9. Bummer - thank you for looking though. Appreciate it.
  10. Now this was kind of interesting. Wonder if anyone has ever seen one installed? Thought it might be interesting to see if anyone knew anything about them.
  11. Looking for 1947 Chevy 216.5 cast iron pistons standard size. Really only need 1 as it is broken and don't want to bore out block. Will buy set if have too. Thanks.
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