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  1. I installed lots more stuff today. Air cleaner, TRF bottle, TRF filter, front seats, steering wheel, sun visors..... Getting closer to finished. The interior is all original to the car. TRF = Turbo Rocket Fluid...
  2. Installed the grill, headlight housings, and finished the side trim and front bumper. Also blead the brakes this morning. Still a little air in them. I have a soft pedal for the first pump after it sits.
  3. With not a lot of restoration details available on these cars I have to use nice original cars for reference. All the nice originals have a low gloss painted hinge and a gloss spring so that is what I done for this car.
  4. The bumper does not fit that great but it will work. I don't have it done yet but it will not be perfect. You will not be able to tell after the headlight housings are on. The black looks gloss in the picture but it is not.
  5. Just a little more work today. I started digging out some of the NOS stuff for the front of the car. I have NOS headlight housings, grills, washer jar, parking light assemblies, bumper guards, and other little odds and ends. Hard to believe how dirty NOS parts get from years of storage even in the boxes. Had to take the parking light assemblies apart and detail them. Also had to polish the lenses. Also installed the tank and fluid bottle holder. Still waiting on a few things before I can put the float in the tank. Going to try to get the front bumper brackets painted later today and install it
  6. Now that the engine is running I started assembling the front of the car.
  7. I found it after I posted the question, Sorry. I was just letting some other people know about the car and price. Thanks
  8. It almost looks like the seat was dusty and something rubbed the dust off. I don't think it is water.
  9. Just mix it ourselves. 50/50 distilled water and methanol and add 1% by volume a water soluble oil. I use a water soluble thread cutting oil from NAPA.
  10. Did not get the Cushman sadly. Yes, lots of these had to be worked on when they came out. That is why they only made them two years. With some modern materials and understand of what went wrong, they actually can be really reliable now. Well, that and the fact that they don't get driven on a daily basis these days.
  11. These engines were 10.25 compression and then the boosted roughly 6 PSI. The pump gas was not good enough to run it during boost mode. The "Turbo Rocket Fluid" was just like modern water injection like the aftermarket "Boost Juice" Snow system. It is a mixture of distilled water and methanol with a little water soluble oil. It injected during boost mode and as the water evaporated it would soak up the hot air to prevent detonation.
  12. Thanks. I just happen to have two this color. The one on the trailer is this car the day I brought it home from its over 40 year hibernation. The other one is my wifes and is an automatic and original paint.
  13. Here are the emblems. I think these are my favorite emblems of any car ever.
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