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  1. Head gaskets strike again................lol
  2. Rodnick, posted a thread on Aug 18th 2010 about this, and a senior member posted the gaskets are marked top, and if put on wrong they will overheat.
  3. I know exactly what's wrong with it.Listen well, the head gaskets are put on wrong, blocking the rear ports.Common mistake back in the days.I been a certified auto technician ,in 3 states, for 32 years. I've personally seen it done and corrected a few myself, in the past.
  4. Wow, I want that one too,lol.Look's like the Red mine must have been, I don't like it. I'm thinking very bright red metallic. Jack it up and mags and side pipes on this one too.We took the 66 300 to the Woodward dream cruise and it had every one looking at it, more than my 68 red Iron Man Theemed Camaro.
  5. 85k on it, pulled out 413 to save and put a 440 in it.Repainted it the original Maroon and put Cali gold down the middle.I couldn't get the fat tires on th back so I modified the skirts and flared them out, every one likes it.
  6. Thanks Keiser31, very kewl.I was offered 5k for it but I think I will keep it a while.I want to paint it the original red and rechrome the bumpers. I have a 383 high rise dual quad tunnel ram intake and carbs I could use on it, cut a hole in the hood for them ,lol. I can get a good hood ,for 200 bucks so,lol, Side pipes and mags and fat tires> would be a unique rod.
  7. Hi guy's and gal's, nice to find this site. I recently found a GEM! 61 Windsor with the 383(Lion under door handle), 4 door sedan.My research said the 383(Lion) was only used in the convertables and wagons, but this must have been an option.I thought it would be the 361 because of the 2 barrel carb, but lo and behold. I found it in a pole barn, it was last registered in Cali in 2002, has Cali title.I've tried to decode the vin but the sites keep telling me I need either 13 or 17 numbers, this title only has nine(8213101669), and the vin tag on the car say's same thing, so no luck yet. I put ne
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