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  1. Thanks for those suggestions, ...nice looking truck.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts on that. ....sounds like some good alternatives. T.
  3. Looks to be a great site for what I am looking for. Thanks,
  4. The rear-end change is an alternative. I will also post on the Dodge forum, good suggestion.
  5. I am restoring a 1947 Dodge WC pickup and would like to make it a bit more road-worthy than the current low gear ratio, 3-speed manual transmission. The top speed is about 50-55 and an effort to get there. Is there any reasonably simple transmission upgrade available? To complicate matters, this truck had the engine replaced long ago with a Plymouth Deluxe (1946-1948) flathead six. I assume the transmission is the original Dodge-truck 3-speed manual. The most obvious, to me, would be to find a 1946-1948 Plymouth passenger-car transmission that would match the engine. I am not going to use the truck for any "hard-use" the 3-speed gear box intended. Would the passenger car transmission hold-up? there a better alternative such as a more modern 4-speed? Thanks,
  6. I am beginning a frame-off restoration on a 1947 Dodge WC pickup truck. This was a farm truck and is geared very low. I would like to upgrade the transmission to make it more drivable (current top speed seems to be about 55 mph and working hard to do that). To complicate matters, the truck had an engine swap, long ago, apparently has a 1946-48 Plymouth deluxe engine. Is there some available 4 speed I could mate to the existing flathead? The existing transmission is a 3 speed manual transmission. Any suggestions?