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  1. Thanks guys. What method do you think I should do to remove the current paint that is on them. Some sort of blasting compound or just persist with a sand paper Ian
  2. Hey guys. So I am restoring a 28 plymouth tourer. What are people using on the wheel spokes. To protect the timber from the elements while still allowing the timber to breathe. Whats the best method approach to dismantling the wheel. Or should I just mask up and paint rims and hub then coat wood together. Ian
  3. It might pay to have the radiator top and bottom tanks removed to clean the core. If possible. If the radiator has been left dry for a long time. Any dirt and crud could have dried rock hard. And might not dislodge with a general cooling flush. You can buy some fairly strong cleaners. But it might just block it up more. Ian
  4. Cory First thing i would do is remove the sump and clean inside sump and crankcase with kero. Don't use petrol as this will leave surface dry. Atleast kero has some form a lubrication. Not familier with engine but am guessing its the side valve 6. So i would remove the valve cover and clean around valves etc. Being that it is not a freshly rebuild engine i wouldn't use synthetic oil as it is not required. A good quality mineral oil is just as good. Synthetic oil is only required if you plan on doing long drain intervals. Maybe use cheap oil on first start. Get engine hot then re drain. Fill with good oil. Ian
  5. Well the engine and drive train i brought back home. For spares. Everything else was pushed back into the tip. Was badly rusted away. Would of needed another doner vehicle to make something of it. Was a shame but nothing i could do.
  6. hi there, that looks like one hell of a project. if time and money is not an option then go for it. as long as your not doing it to make money on re sell then its worth it. no one says have to restore it back to a museum piece. i have spent 15g on my 28 tourer. still have a heap of things to do. but i have gotten to a stage that i am able to enjoy the vehicle. about 4 years ago i came across this 29. not sure of body style. all body panels were twisted an tangled in the farmers garbage tip. the chassis was cut many moons ago. diff was located half way down the river face. engine to left of picture was at the top of the bank. engine even though had been underwater at times still turned over when i got to it ian hopefully picture worked
  7. I would be interested in knowing this aswell.
  8. imoore

    Plymouth Q part

    Thanks for the hit with 29 Durant. Someone somewhere would have one, just gotta find him. Ian
  9. thanks for the replys. I think i might let it go for a while. And get an expert to do it cheers ian
  10. imoore

    Plymouth Q part

    Yeh it is the fender mount style Could almost say its the shape of a banana lol. Thanks
  11. imoore

    Plymouth Q part

    Hi there I am trying to locate a tail light bracket for my plymouth Q. I believe its the same used in other chrysler vehicles. Thanks Ian
  12. Hi I have a set of NOS valve guide for my plymouth Q. Just wondering what the method of removal and installation is. Once valves out is it a matter of making a punch and pressing each guide out and then pressing new ones in. Or is there more involved.. Also if the valves are good would i need to recut the seats due to new guides Thanks Ian
  13. hi there Sorry forget to mention that. Its a wood wheel. Thanks ian