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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to use two straight six motors and connect them in some way in order to make a straight 12? I will probably never get around to trying this I just was wondering peoples thought on the idea. Maybe there is someone out there who has tried and maybe even succeeded at doing this. Just a curiosity.
  2. Thank you very much. This info will prove very helpful.
  3. I have a new project car, a 100% original Desoto! I am young and don't have very much knowledge on cars in general let alone this one. I am pretty good with bodywork but mechanics and electronical arent my forte. If anyone can give me any tips or help when it comes to fixing up this old car I'd greatly appreciate it. Links to helpful websites are welcome as well. Thank you very much
  4. I'm planning on building a 1897 Ford quadricycle for myself and am curious if anyone else has one and if they do if they could possibly send me some pictures and measurements. If you don't mind. Thank You. Any kind of help or even just talk on this topic is much appreciated.