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  1. NTX5467- Thanks so much for your reply and suggestions. I'm scheduled to drop her off for a paint job next week, so I probably won't have her for a month or so. Hopefully the weather here in Ohio will be better by then and I'll be spending more time out in the garage to attempt to tackle the salvaging/repairing the bumper strips. You're exactly right about the loosening and warping of the rubber and the metal components of the bumper cushions. Hopefully I, and possibly with the help of the restoration shop I'm using for the paint job, can repair or modify the strips and make it look more presentable. Called around to a few places and could only find reproductions of the Cadillac Fleetwood and Eldorado rear bumper cushions, suprisingly at reasonable prices. Just not the same demand for the mid/late 70s Electras and other "C" body GM cars. Just enough variation between the different makes that they are probably not interchangeable. You're also right on about the mileage. My 2011 Enclave only beats out the 1976 Electra by a couple MPGs. The Electra still rides well, looks good and gets a lot of comments/looks. Thanks!
  2. Hi all. New to the forum. Recently obtained my first older Buick, a 1976 Electra Limited. A survivor in pretty good overall condition, which I obtained from the second owner. I'm starting the restoration and have not been able to find the front or rear bumper cushions for the car. The bumpers themselves and the bumper guards are in pretty good condition, but the metal plating attaching the cushions to the bumper are rusted and warped. From what I hear, this is pretty common. Any suggestions or leads would be a huge help. Thanks!