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  1. Thanks Pat. Let's give this forum some time. I'll keep this message and may get back to you. Thanks again. Gary
  2. Hi, thanks to all who responded to my post. I have already contacted to Ron W in Healdsburg, California via phone. nothing from him. I have searched Hank's website, nothing there, will try to email him later. Someone out there has to have the info I need, just a matter of connecting with them Thanks for all of your efforts. I do appreciate any help I can find.
  3. Hello. I am looking for info pertaining to the 1941 Sterling truck, model J. Need some dimensions, such as front bumper width, BBC(bumper to back of cab) dimension, and some good photos of the front end. Anything that might help me try to cast one in "S" scale(1/64th) Have been looking for sometime now but found nothing. A designer name or a designer drawing or a patent number would be helpful. Anything one might be willing to offer will be appreciated. I am working with a 71 year old friend of mine and this truck, if we get enough info, would fulfill one of his lifelong dreams. Sure would like to see that. Anyway, anyone who has or knows of someone that may have this info, please let me know. Thank you so much.