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  1. Asking here since no 2020 Hershey...I’m looking for vent window frame and assemblies L and R for a series 62 coupe or convertible. Do you have them?
  2. Thank you Jon - I've done so. Although I haven't gotten any specific information more than I already know, I'm in contact with the man who produces the directory of all the former Hudson dealers for the club and giving him what I know for inclusion in the upcoming publication. Appreciate the suggestion and the interest. Take care, Scott
  3. Hello, My grandfather owned and operated a Hudson dealership in East Cleveland Ohio prior to WWII called Harrison Motor Sales. The address was 1530 Hayden Ave. (Per 03/26/40 Cleveland News.) I am searching for any information regarding it, especially memorabilia photos or items. I have searched thought the collection at Miller Motors, and his dealership is on the list at O - Hudson Motor Car Company Dealerships. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. My email is sanderson1962@gmail.com. Thanks!
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