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    Have inherited my Dad's collection of cars that are now up for adoption
  1. Hope to get photos up for all the cars listed over the net few days if the computer will cooperate. I still have a 66 Plymouth Baracuda fastback, Chrysler Windsor, some Metropolitians, a Chrysler Imperial convertible, a Ford Ranchero and a couple of Chrysler Newports to get listed when I can get more info on them and some photos. Thanks to all of you guys for your interest and positive comments. GeGe
  2. Sorry about the lack of photos I will try to get them up asap I did not mean to do something that was not correct. I just found the site last evening and went ahead and got started getting the info up. I will get photos up over the next few days. I did go back and list prices on most of the cars but am still researching the Saxon and the Maxwell as I have had a lot of trouble finding comps and they are so scarce that none of the old car price guides I have found list them. The cars were my Dad's so I am having to learn a lot as I go along. Please bear with me I should have photos and a lot more information available over the next few days. GeGe
  3. 4 door sedan. Great shape, all original, always garaged. Asking $12,500. Car is located in Marion, North Carolina. E mail me for more information and photos.
  4. Thanks for the help, I am a little lost in this. My Dad loved these cars and I want them to go back to hobbists who will enjoy them.
  5. OH dear, so sorry, I am new to this as I inherited the cars and I really am open to offers on them I put NC ( for North Carolina) do I need to put the city as well as the state??? I read the rules when I signed in but did not see the Buy/Sell separate rules I will go try to find them now. Computers are not my thing either. Again, Sorry.
  6. Has been in the garage but not started in years. Dusty but good shape. I have what I think is the original bill of sale on this car that will go with it ( my Dad got it when he bought the car used) Car is in Marion, North Carolina I will be adding photos soon or e mail and I will send them to you asap. Asking $7,500. Please e mail me if interested.
  7. One Fireflight with hemi engine ( potentially restorable) and two other Desotos for parts. All have been outside. I will have photos posted soon or e mail me for photos. Fireflight $1500, others for parts $750 each Please email me if interested. Cars are in Marion, North Carolina
  8. MAJOR restore or ( probably) parts as has been outside for a long time. Appears all the chrome and insignia is there. Car is in Marion, North Carolina. Asking $1,200. will post photos soon or e mail for photos. Please e mail me if interested.
  9. This is a car in GREAT original shape. Low milage and always in the garage. Needs someone to get it out and show and enjoy it. Not started in a while but was driven into the garage and parked. 4 door hardtop. Car is in Marion, North Carolina Asking $12,500. Will add photos soon. Please E- mail me if interested.
  10. This was my Mom's car and is in good shape for an all original, non restored and routinely used car, all original no changes that I am aware of. It got hard to start and Dad just put in under cover and had her drive something else. In good shape but does not start. VERY limited edition car. Needs a new home. Asking $4,500. Car is located in Marion, North Carolina I will add photos asap or e mail me if interested and I will send.
  11. gege


    I have a Maxwell ( 1918???) that I want to sell. Car is located in Marion, North Carolina Rough but interesting, needs work, kind of in a "barn find" shape. Has been in the dry. Will post photos soon. e mail me if interested.
  12. I think I have an extra engine for the 1915 Saxon. I have an entire Saxon car as well that I want to sell. Please e mail me if interested.
  13. This is a neat car that I actually rode in years ago when my Dad first got it. A true "horseless carriage" crank start and all. Needs a new home. Car is currently in Marion, North Carolina I think there is an extra motor for it in the shop as well. Has not been run in years but has been in a garage and out of the elements. contact me by e mail for more info or photos. Currently taking offers.
  14. I have inherited a 1947 Packard Clipper from my Dad and it needs a new owner. It needs work but is restorable. Floor boards are in bad shape. Body fair to good, upholstery of seats like new. It was used in an "All Packard" Taxi line in 1947 and I have all the paperwork for it including the original cab window registration and the cab handwritten log of trips. Also the book that came with the car. Great history to add to the restoration for display. The car is in Marion, North Carolina. I will get photos asap and post, please contact me for photos if you need them before I get them posted . Asking $4,000 or best offer. E mail me if interested.
  15. I don't know it this is the place to put this but if anyone needs 1956 Desota Fireflights for parts I have inherited 3 from my Dad and they need to go to someone who needs them. The have been outside but they should be great parts cars.