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  1. Here is one that I got from my local NAPA Dealer for my 1938 Pontiac. Thermostat BK 8251006- 160 Deg. Thermostat gasket THM 1038ST THIS will fit your car,,,,PP
  2. Check with BILL HIRSCH AUTO PHONE 1-800-828-2061 www.hirschauto.com he has them... PP..
  3. Well the material was steamed cleaned BUT did not help. So far I have used the lighter fluid and than seems to be working,,, just doing a little at a time. THANKS PP.
  4. Well the smell is GONE..... I aired it out, the material was on a roll, not yet on my car. thank u ALL... PP
  5. How do you remove the musty smell from upholstery material. "HELP "
  6. Check with NORTHWESTERN AUTO SUPPLY IN Grand Rapids, Mi. phone 1-800-704-1078 OR JOE CURTIS ASHEVILLE NC PHONE 828-298-8304
  7. HOW do you remove CHALK marks that have been on upholstery material for over 40 years??
  8. Check with Kurt Kelsey phone 641-648-9086 in Iowa or JOE CURTIS in NC phone 828-298-8304
  9. If you have NAPA Auto store by you, they have a 6 volt battery # 7205. 19 1/4 " long 4 " width 8 7/8 " height
  10. Here is a part # from NAPA for a new fuel line hose you can get. Weatherhead # WH 11093
  11. I have used on my Chrome parts A product called " 1 " Shot sign painters lettering enamel. My body man told me about this product. It has been on my chrome 7 years and is this holding up. Give it a try. You can find it on line or a local sign painting company. PP
  12. Check with: Northwestern Auto supply 1-800-704-1078 Kurt Kelsey 641-648-9086 Joe Curtiss 828-298-8304
  13. Check with: northwesternautosupply.com samsparts1@yahoo.com Location: 1101 S. Division Grand Rapids, Mi. 49507 Phone 1-800-404-1078 they have been around since 1946,,,,,parts of all makes and models.......
  14. Check with Arnold Landvoigt he is the Technical advisor with the POCI Club for 1937 and 1938 Pontiac years. his email etc@hillclimber.com phone # 301-498-0070
  15. You know you have me, answer your personel email .....PP
  16. As for the glass, you can take it to a local auto glass place and they can do it. PP.
  17. I had my 1938 Pontiac dash cluster done by John Wolf & Company, Inc. 36420 Biltmore Place Willoughby, Ohio, 44094 Phone 440-942-0083 He did a great job and great price. Here is TWO radio guys that was in SMOKES SIGNALS MAGAZINE Barry Dalton phone 541-474-2524 email radiodoc@rvi.net Grants Pass, Or. Guy Filippelli phone 847-451-0787 Il.
  18. I had my 1938 Pontiac done by John Wolf & Co. Willoughby, Oh. phone # 440-942-0083 great work and great price,, I would use him again.
  19. Contact Arnold Landvoight he had his 37 redone, his email is ETC@hillclimber.com
  20. I have a 38 , and it calls for 20 amp fuse. 1. one fuse ia spare. 2. one protects the left headlamp only. 3. one fuse protects all other electrical instruments.
  21. I removed my radiator to get cleaned. What can I clean my motor water jacket with ? There is rust & etc. stuff lying in there. Is there a solvent to bath and soak the water jacket with. thanks PP..
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