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  1. I want to replace my wheel bearings on the rear wheels but not sure how wheels come off.. there is a pin in the axle...both were broke......but there is no nut. does the wheel need to come off with a wheel puller? also need to find new pins and the bearings.
  2. what I thought was a converter is actually a ballast. so I am getting 12 v on both ends. the old one did have a break in it. when I used the new one with the old coil, it still had no spark. so I got a new coil with no internal resistor , they said its all they had. im hoping with the new ballast nothing will burn out.
  3. I hooked up a 12 v coil and used the old condenser , running perfect. I would have put in the new condenser but don't know how to wire it up. ill still get the old coil repaired , but I heard it will take a few months and $250 ... ugh. but at least I can still get around. im going to take her on a long drive tomorrow and hope nothing burns out.
  4. the owner would never sell the car. the ads that were put up were from people who didn't like the car. I know the car was built in the 1940s and has always been used to raise money for charity's , mostly children and mentally handicapped
  5. I don't know where to put the condenser. the pic shows the original one. the clamp goest to a wire to the right side of the distrubator, the bottom of the condenser has a screw and its attached to a wire that goes to the left side of distributor. the car is 12 v , I just wasn't sure if someone put in a 6v distributor. but I guess not. I bought a 12 v coil, with no resistor , so I have to keep the one attached, but I didn't try to start her yet, got too dark out. will try in morning
  6. I was out driving around , and she just died. no spark at plugs. bought a new 12v condenser from myers. it will not fit in my distributor ,its too big. then I noticed what looks like a 12v reducer on my firewall. wondering if someone in time replaced my distributor with a 6 volt. I tried the new condenser , but still no spark , im not sure if it matters that its a 12v and I need 6 v. I bought a new 6 v coil. im getting spark and she runs, but very rough. also my distrubor has 2 wires ciomming out of it , it makes a loop and connects to the old condenser. does anyone know how to connect a new condenser up? also what looks like a 12v to 6 v reducer is giving me a 12v reading on both ends, is it broke? or is it ok , I just need a 12 v coil? ugh ... trying to get her running for the aaca show in port st lucie in 20 days. I posted some pics so you can see what I have going on
  7. ok guys, here it is, part of the problem was my own stupidity , dont tell my wife. the car was having problems on the way home from a car show. stalling out every few minutes unable to take the gas. so i put in new lines , rebuilt vacume pump, cleaned and rebuilt carb, new head gasket and exaust rings. still couldnt get it to work . my neighbor came over , looked at it then went home to check on line. when he came over today he told me i had the vacume line where the fuel line should be and the other way around. he was right, shes running now, ill take her around tommorow just to make sure all the kinks are worked out.
  8. im going to try a new condenser. just so I got it right, the condenser is the small canister on the outside of the distributor? I see that myers has a replacement but it has 2 wires coming out of it. mine doesn't have any wires, just a nut on the bottom and a clamp,
  9. i drained some but it came out clear. i blew out the lines and they are free. been working on this every day. she will slow idel forever but still stalls out when you gas it. the strange part is that im getting a vacume from the vent tube. you can hear it in the gas tank. but very little vacume from the gas line.. i filled the bowl with gas just to make sure there is enough gas to rev her up, but it still stalled. big show in miami next weekend, i was supposed to take her, but not looking good now.
  10. thanks pete. i removed the head and put in a new gasket, valves are giood. rebuilt vacume tank....the vacume line was getting very cold , but ok now. put in new lines. cleaned carb and checked choke. car idles fin but wont take gas. car is all original and is a daily driver. been putting about 100 miles a week for 2 years. this problen just came on all of a sudden.
  11. for the hell of it im going to install new fuel lines...maby there is a small leak. but i have a feeling its something in the engine. i knew a few guys back in CT who could fix it , but no one here in florida
  12. I tried the choke, but it didn't do anything. runs great the first few minutes, then runs rough. goes into a high idle then stalls.
  13. i blew out the lines.and they were clear. i wish there was a way to take the gas line tube , that is inside the tank , out.
  14. thanks..im going to give that a try today. I pulled the plugs and they are full of carbon. they are brand new. put them in a few days ago. if it is a weak spark, what do you think the problem is?
  15. the 17 dodge stars and idles fine for a while, but when you give it gas she stalls out. she will start right up again , sometimes backfireing and the plugs keep clogging up with carbon. I took off the head, cleaned the carbon, some of it was shiny ,like anti freeze was leaking through the gasket. I put on new gasket, rebuilt vacume pump, checked for cracks , blew out the lines replaced gas filter . still no luck. took off and cleaned carburetor , still wont run. could it be points? timing off? the choke worked when I took off carb. but maby there is something I didn't see. if I were in CT I would bring it to the shop , but down here in florida I don't know anyone. I didn't think that this would be so complicated, shes been running great the past few years. I would appreciate any help..thanks
  16. here are a few pics and measurment of the wheel. its the rear drivers side.
  17. now that im living in florida i get to drive my 1917 touring just about every day. i usually put on about 15 to 25 miles a dya. going to the beach and cruise nights. i havent been to a show yet...but i will get to one in the next few months. the first 2 months of driving i had to put up with a bad vacume tank , bad tires, a short in the electrical system....but now that everything is working perfectly im going to get alot of use out of the old girl. she has been completly restored so now im just keeping her running and on the road. i wont take her out if i know we are getting alot of rain, but i intend to put as many miles on her as i can until i can no longer drive her, then pass her down to my kids.
  18. looking for a rear wood wheel for my 1917 dodge touring. the one i have is a little warpped. im looking for one in very good condition. thanks
  19. just moved from CT to FL , looking for car shows and other db gatherings. im in port st lucie, dying to take the 17 touring out, doesnt seem to be anything around
  20. thanks guys. i was going to call you bob, but i gave it one more try this morning. i pushed the rim apart by hand up to about 1/4 inch, then lightly tapped it back in the slot and slid the arm to lock it. i made the mistake of putting the rubber flap on the outside of the tire. i read a post last night that said to make sure its on the inside, so i corrected that this morning. now i dont think i trust the wood wheels and might have all 4 remade
  21. i found a rim spreader on ebay but not sure if they are safe to use. everyone is telling me this is dangerous to do. im leaving for florida next monday and im having her shipped down, i have to have it fixed before she goes on the truck
  22. does anyone know of a place in CT where they will put a tire on my 17 dodge? i called a few places, but no one will touch it. im leaving the state this tuesday and need it done asap.
  23. thanks joe.... i took a drive up there tonight to see how the roads were....a few big hills , but shouldnt be too bad. i took the route you told me too. the car has been running really good , but tonight the vacume pump started giving me trouble. i blew out the lines and ill hope for the best tommorow. i should be up there around 1
  24. GOING TO THE SOUTHBURY MEET . leaving friday morning from Prospect. can i travel up rt 84 ? or do i have to take the backroads? i know there are alot of hills going the backway , and my 17 doesnt like hills. but im not sure if its legal to drive her on the highway. hope to see some of you guys tommorow, unless there is a breakdown