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  1. Thank you again Gentlemen! Yep, when I pulled the rocker assembly the oil tube was simply poked down into the pedestal hole. Too bad, I like the 'deliberate' look of the elbow. Also, not surprisingly, I rolled out of bed this morning while saying to myself, "duh, another fitting joins the tube to the head". Glad I took lots of pics of the carb before I removed it. R, Kevin
  2. Gentlemen, perfect thank you!!! Follow-up question if I may: How is the elbow at the top of the oil feed tube attached to the pedestal? Thank you, Kevin
  3. Good Morning, Anyone working on a 248 - may I trouble you to measure the height of a rocker shaft pedestal (the distance from the top of the head where the pedestal meets the head, to the underside of the pedestal's longer bolt)? Still trying to solve a mystery. Had my 1939 248 rocker arm assy rebuilt. Set the rebuilt assy on the head. Adjustment bolts were too short, ordered a longer set. Please see attached pic. The oil supply tube is resting on the top of the rocker before the bottom collar nut threads fully seat in the head. Also, when I fully insert the top side of the tube into the top of the front pedestal, the threads do not touch the head. Only theory I've got now is the assy came back with slightly higher pedestals. Very grateful for someone to measure the height of their 248 rocker assy pedestals. Thank you! Kevin
  4. Hi Larry, Removed the rocker assy. The adjustment screws that came back in the assy measure just under 1 3/8 ". When I turn the screws all the way down for the pads to touch the valve stem tops, there isn't enough thread left on the shank to snug the collar nut. Spoke with my machinist today, he'll swap longer screws with me tomorrow. Regards All, Kevin
  5. Hello from Virginia. Recently had my 39 Special rocker arm assembly rebuilt. Looks great but, I believe the re-builder sent it back with cup adjustment screws that are too short - can't make the rockers touch both the valve stem and push rods. Dimensions please - Nominal length of the rocker adjustment screw? Distance from the bottom of a shaft stanchion to the bottom of the rocker shaft? Seems unlikely that the new stanchions are holding the rockers too far from the head but I'd like to verify. Thank you!!! Kevin
  6. Thx Billy. Been following your resto, well done Sir.
  7. Afternoon. Just finished replacing front and back mounts. Find a friend with long skinny arms for help with the front pair. I disconnected the rocker from the left rear block. Pretty sure it would have survived the engine lift but it was easy to disconnect and reconnect. Regards, Kevin
  8. Hello from 39Cdan in Virginia. Finally got around to replacing all four motor mounts. Evidently I'll need to lift the engine front a bit more than an inch to make clearance for swapping the front pair. Question: do I need to or should I disconnect the clutch pedal rocker (?) attached at the left rear of the block? Also, remind me please how do I join the '39 Team Members? Thank you! Kevin
  9. Hi Pete, I know of a good home for your lens if interested. R, Kevin
  10. Hello, Shopping for a mechanic in the Virginia region to rebuild my '39 248. Good experience anyone? Thank you, 39Cdan
  11. Hi, Here's the engine I bought in Florida. I'm hoping that out of all the folks out there in the world who rebuilt a 248, someone recorded their experience and is willing to share same. R, Kevin
  12. Hello Friends. Found and bought a complete 1939 Buick 248 from a gentleman in Florida. While I've done basic engine maintenance over the years I've never attempted an engine rebuild. I would like to believe that someone at sometime has composed a comprehensive how-to guide for such a quest. Anyone reading this aware of a source for or can provide a step-by-step guide for rebuilding a 248? Thank you! Kevin
  13. Thanks Gents. Follow-up opinion please - My engine has exhibited a miss for several years, sometimes barely noticeable and sometimes jerks the car. I have replaced all ignition parts. Also, starting the car has always left a black spot on the garage floor. The miss lead me to pull the manifolds and make preps for pulling the head. Can the absence of the heat riser flapper cause an engine miss? Can the miss result from a combination of conditions: missing flapper, Carb needs rebuilt, poor valve seals? Is one of these conditions far more likely than the others to cause a miss? Thank you!
  14. Hello from 39Cdan, Thank you all for the info and links. Haven't pulled the head yet, a wee bit too chilly this weekend. R, Kevin
  15. Hi. Bought the shop manual; couldn't find the torque values for the head bolts. Recommendations? Thank you!