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  1. When up-grading from a 6 volt to a 12 volt system on a 54 chevy, what type of 12 volt battery do you reccomend? Do you just pick out any 12 volt battery that will fit in the tray? I am up here in Minnesota, how many cranking amps etc?? Thanks for the info Lee
  2. Lee Kvanli

    carb ID

    How can I tell if I have the Rochester B-TYPE or the Carter one barrel carb? I have a 54 Chevy six cyl, std tranny Blue Flame 115 HP Thanks for any info. Lee
  3. I have a 6 volt blower motor in my 1954 chevy that I need to replace. It is for the air flow heater system. I am attaching a picture of the old one. Any help in finding a source for replacement?? Thanks for any info. Lee
  4. I have a 54 Chevy with the (top) blower motor sliding lever is frozeen. Any suggestions on how to go about getting it loose? Spraying the assy, if so with what? Thanks in advance for any and all replys.
  5. I am looking to buy a 1954 Chevy. I am looking for the four-door Belair with a three speed standard transmission. I would like the top color India Ivory and the bottom color Surf Green but will consider all colors. Lee Kvanli Montevideo, MN EAIL-MAIL spankyone@charter.net
  6. Hi Bob. I am interested in this car that Frank has for sale. Is it still for sale? Thanks for the info. Take care, Lee