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  1. This car belongs to the last series of Renault’s 45hp, with straight-six (9 liters) engine, type NM. Although it actually shows the star on the hood, it does not belong to the Reinastella family. Reinastella will come one year later, with a 7 liter straight-eight brand new engine.
  2. @Walt G if you are interested in the big Renaults, you might like having a look at our forum ➡️ http://www.les-renault-d-avant-guerre.com/f171-Les-6-cylindres-40ch-a-50ch.htm ➡️http://www.les-renault-d-avant-guerre.com/f81-Nervahuit-Nervastella-Nervasport-et-grand-sport.htm
  3. Yes, from Paris For the car dating from 1916, you couldn't know https://www.les-renault-d-avant-guerre.com/t7958-EK-1914-LILOU-en-Occitanie.htm And I understand you know that one also https://www.les-renault-d-avant-guerre.com/t2019-camion-Renault-plateau-ACZI-a-vendre.htm
  4. Bonjour, Sébastien, This topic is all from (and about) Tractomania ?
  5. Hi, EK type started in 1914 indeed, but according to the Renault registers this very car is from 1916 .
  6. I assume nzcarnerd is talking about the car mentioned by Matt Harwood, a few posts above. The price difference is also related to the condition of the cars. The red one is not that big. Thanks to all, especially to RichelieuMotorCar, for sharing information and thoughts. Currently, I have more recent Renault cars (1929 and 1935) in my garage. I would love being the owner of a pre-1914 one, but I believe time has not come yet Currently, I'm focusing on pictures and improving my knowledge. Just a few questions more : do we know what Renault type it is, and who was the coachbuilder for it ?
  7. Dear Mike and all, Two small remaks, regarding the short Renault history text above. "Fre'res" is not a location, but French for "Brothers". So "Renault Frères" stands for "Renault Bros" And the place is not Bellancourt, but Billancourt. Formerly a village next to Paris, nowadays merged with city of Boulogne into Boulogne-Billancourt. Now, do I have a chance to get more information about this 1912 limo ? I would be thankful... and delighted
  8. Hi, gentlemen, your guess is pretty good : 1937 Renault Grand Sport. Straight six > Viva Grand Sport Straight eight > Nerva Grand Sport If you like, you will be pretty welcome on our forum : http://www.les-renault-d-avant-guerre.com
  9. Pretty interesting remark.If any of you wish, tell Bernie, and I'm pretty sure he will share his understanding, and explain further Then we may all share a (virtual ?) beer
  10. Hello, Bernie, what would you like me to comment on ? regarding NN vs. Monasix, the Monasix actually has the same chassis like the latest NN (only small differences show that your chassis is from a Monasix), the same engine (just 2 cylinders more, same bore and displacement). So when in 1929 Louis Renault decided to produce 6 cylinder engines only, the NN was removed from the catalog. The smooth and silent Monasix engine does not have too much power, therefore if you like your car to be driveable on today's roads it might be a good idea to make it light. Last but not least, the car you are rebuilding did not have a body of its own anymore ; in such case it is a "sound" décision to chose a kind of body you like. Now I'm delighted with the idea that you will let us know the details of your project, one step after the other.
  11. Usually I sharpen my puns only, but I must recognize it's a bit more difficult in English than in French for me
  12. French "Fossoyeur" would translate to "Gravedigger". I selected this pseudo some years ago when I needed one, as a tribute to Chester Himes' "The Five Cornered Square" and its character Gravedigger Jones
  13. This is how the oldtimer world goes. About 50% of all the Rolls-Royce cars produced are still with us today. On the other side, the rate of prewar Renaults surviving is near the 1% you just mentioned. I don't think there is any "rational only" explanation to this.
  14. Hello, Bernie, You finally decided for this one ? :cool: http://www.les-renault-d-avant-guerre.com/t2269-Type-139416-40CV-Torpedo-carrosserie-Manessius-1925. I can see our forum is famous here Kind regards.
  15. Thank you, Backyardmechanic Any prewar Renault there ?:cool: Is my cherisched '31 Reinastella part of it ?
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