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  1. Lincoln Zephyr & Lincoln Continental clubs share a tent in the Chocolate Field during Hershey week. I'll print out several flyers with your info above to hand out at our tent, maybe that will get some people over to see your stuff. Nathan Olweiler, Secretary, LZOC
  2. The son is trying to straighten out the business since his dad died a year ago. I used the number on their facebook page 401-364-3839, had to call several times, but he finally called me back and he sent me what i ordered in really good time, like others have said before, he treated me right. Rhode Island Wiring was started years ago by a relative so maybe that is the way to go until Narragansett gets reestablished.
  3. Wow, very sorry to hear that, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom a couple years ago at the LZOC swap meet in Lancaster. Thanks for passing along the info, John!
  4. This pic is of my great grandfather William A. Withers and his family, taken in Elizabethtown PA in the early 1900s. I'm told the car is a Locomobile but have had no luck identifying the year of the car. Any help?
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