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  1. Anybody know correct size wheels that came on Buick Series 60 Century, Trying to find some wheels for my Flxible Hearse ,Thanks Ashley
  2. Thanks Michael, Yes Flxible built the doors but it has Buick Handles and latches,I think they may have used Buick internal parts Vent windows etc. You own a 37 or 38 Buick? If so could you measure the vent window up for tall and from the center of the rounded part to the flat edge? I need to know if it will fit in my door,all i have is door skin and handles and latches and some of the metal that wrapped around the wood frame.Thanks Ashley
  3. Thanks BuickCJ, that Buick is a37 Flxible ,Thats the doors I'm lookin for...or a 38 model
  4. What year model? You Have picture and Size? Thanks Ashley
  5. I need some factory steel wheel's hub caps and beauty rings if you have or know anybody that has some for sale,Thanks again,Ashley
  6. Also it makes me sick to think some idiot sold the molded cravings off her for scrap,Thats gonna be the hardest thing to fix,I really have no idea what to do about them.
  7. Hey Darryll, Found out from Tom Mcpherson thru somebody on NHAA that mine is a 38 Fxlible Classic A Craved side Rear Loader,Bulit on 60 Series (Century) Chassis, One of 21 bulit that year. It was ordered on Jan,7, 1938 and delivered to Johns Service's of Birmingham, AL. on March 5, 1938. Mine has no side doors. Flxible did build the doors but ithink they used Buick vent windows and internal parts Latches and tracks. Could you measure your vent window at the back so i can know how tall it is and from the window track to the rounded part. I'm thinking about buy some doors off a 39 to get the v
  8. Hey Carl would a Limited be Different size? Ashley
  9. thanks Carl I'll get it tommorrow, Tried to put more pics but it keeps coming up security token missing, can't figure it out just took the pics and it sends some and not others.....alway's something Thanks Again,Ashley
  10. Hey Carl Tryin to add pictures but can't figure how to attach witout a link. Would you email me at abhvac@hotmail.com and i'll send you pics of my doors
  11. They really look like Buick Four door front doors fromall the pictures i look at . From hinge side to latch side is about 40 1/2 inch's . I needto find someone close to Murfreesboro Tn. that has one so i can look at it up close. If anyone knows anybody would you please get me some contact info. Thanks For all your help,Ashley
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