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  1. There is no light inside the knob maybe there's no wire or not hooked up any more. I'll check it,thanks.
  2. Thanks, you could be right. I don't see any mention of a "unity lights" switch on the on-line owner's manual. The car has no fog lights or back up lights now.
  3. I have a 46 chevy and I don't know much about cars except that I love them especially old origingal . My car has a " unity light "switch separate from the light control switch. What is it supposed to do? Don
  4. I appreciate your info. I re-checked my Vin # and it was wrong, I don't know where I got that #. My correct Vin# is 9DKK14671. I still couldn't make sense out of it except that it must have been made at the Norwood assembly plant.
  5. Thanks, I will check out these sites. By the way what does DK stand for?
  6. I'm a brand new member. I know very little about computers and less about old cars but I recetly bought a 46 Chevy Fleetline.I am curious about the motor to see if it is the original motor . I have discovered that there are all kinds of #'s. My VIN# is DK1001-DK58678 and my engine # is DAM62861. What does that tell me and how do I find out if they are original to the car? Can anyone help? Thanks, Don