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  1. How old is your Antique? We are encouraged to “suspend our disbelief” when at the theatre. That may also be the best approach when we open the cover of the March 2012 edition of Hemming Classic Car magazine. The cover story, you see, features an examination of the latest crop of antique cars accepted on the show fields of our very own AACA. Our club welcomes all antique vehicles that are at least twenty-five years old. That means that a new crop of “antiques” becomes eligible each year. As of January 1, 2012, vehicles that were manufactured in 1987 or earlier are welcome at our AACA ca
  2. For those who want to lay their eyes on the results of the one-panel-at-a-time paint job from that story, look here:
  3. How can I get my restoration project moving? It’s winter time, when the long evenings and weekends give us an opportunity to work on those project cars hiding in our garages. I’ve had one of those in my garage, too. I’d like to say that I’ve been working on it for the past six years. In truth I worked on it for about six months, then it sat for almost six years, mostly disassembled, and largely in the way. It seems I needed some motivation to complete the project. I remember loving how the car drove when I first bought it. I liked it so much that I wanted to build it into a practical, classic
  4. Howdy from the freezing Rocky Mountains! I'm currently president of the Laramie Hi Wheelers chapter, based in Laramie Wyoming. We have a tradition of asking our club presidents to write articles for our regional newsletter, the Tire Kicker. I'm starting to write the series of short articles that will be published over the upcoming year. Very few of them will have subject matter that is truly local, and I thought other newsletter editors around the country might like to have them available to fill space if they find themselves facing a publication deadline and lacking material. If you edit a n
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