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  1. Come Celebrate “Buicks In The Fall 2017” with Central New England Chapter as they observe their 50th Anniversary as the 1st Chapter of the Buick Club Of America Saturday, October 14, 2017 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Hosted by Cernak Buick, Inc. 102 Northampton Street, Easthampton, MA 01027 Peer Judged Awards Best In Show, Top 12 Buicks plus “The Samuel Cernak Award” Raffle Ticket for each Show Car Entrant (gas card) 50/50 Raffle Tickets & Raffle Prize Tickets Must have Show Car entered and be present to win Food Available on the premises / Music by DJ Joe Show Car Registration $10.00 Contact Information Pre-Registration: (make checks payable to CNEC, notes “BITF 2017”, mail by October 7, 2017) Send to: BITF 2017 c/o David Cleveland 77 Edwards Road Westhampton, MA 01027-9644 Email David for a Registration Form at: David.Debbie@comcast.net Phone: 413-527-0661 Central New England Chapter Contact Jim Ramsey, Director CNEC 3 Campbell Drive Easthampton, MA 01027 Phone: 413-527-7761 Email: jimmramsey@hotmail.com Cernak Buick Contact Pat Hayes 102 Northampton Street Easthampton, MA 01027 Phone: 413-527-1134 Email: pwhayes@cernakbuick.com Directions: From the East: Take I-90 (MA Pike) to I-91 North, (Exit 4) towards Holyoke. Proceed north on I-91 to Exit 17B, (Route 141 West) to Easthampton. Turn right onto Route 10 North, Cernak Buick will be less than a mile north of the center of Easthampton on the left. (Second I-90 choice, stay on I-90 to Exit 3 and follow West Directions.) From the West: Take I-90 (MA Pike) to Exit 3 (Westfield), Turn Left onto Route 10 North into Easthampton. Follow Route 10 North to Cernak Buick on the left. From the South: Take I-91 North to Exit 17B and follow East Directions. From the North: Take I-91 South to Exit 20 (North King Street, Route 5 & 10 South). Follow Route 5 & 10 South to Main Street (Route 9), Northampton. Turn right onto Route 9 West. Stay in left lane and take a left at traffic light onto Route 10 South to Easthampton. Cernak Buick will be on the right about a mile or so after you enter Easthampton. Check out the CNEC Facebook page for upcoming and past events at: https://www.facebook.com/centralnewe...chapterbca1966 Or #BITF2017, #BuicksInTheFall2017, #BITF2016, #BuicksInTheFall2016
  2. The show is this Saturday, October 15, 2016... Weather looks Great, 60's and Sunny... Hop in your Buick and come to a great show...
  3. The show is North of Springfield so it makes it a very good show for Folks from CT, NY, VT, NH and of course MA... We are only an Hour and a Half (give or take) from Boston and less than an Hour for Folks from CT, NY, VT and NH... Can't be easier to get to, MASS PIKE (Route 90) or Route 91 and than a short drive to Easthampton... Hope to see you at the show, it looks like it's going to be a great show again this year...
  4. Thank You, I was going to check it about now... Thanks for Pinning it...
  5. Yes it is, we planned it after the Big E so we won't be fighting the traffic and the Big E itself...
  6. Thanks John... We hope to see you this year, we have had a great buzz about people wanting to come to this years show...
  7. Howdy All The Central New England Chapter will be holding "Buicks In The Fall" on October 15, 2016 at Cernak Buick in Easthampton, MA... Mark your Calendars, we hope to see you there...
  8. Howdy All This is coming up this weekend, Aug 24th... If any of my fellow HotRod Owners in the Ma, Ct, Vt, NY area could make it to the show I would greatly appreciate you dropping a vote in for Matilda to win... Remember to bring your Buick (or your HotRod) with you for a great day... Thanks, David .
  9. Howdy All I need your help Please, I attended a Night CruZers Cruise Night a few weeks back, it ended up being a great night and a great cruise night... Come to find out it was also a Qualifier Event for Cruisin’ New England’s Super Wheels Show... They were choosing 3 cars that night to go onto the Main Qualifying Show... Well Matilda was chosen and I am now in the Main Qualifying Show at N...orth Adams, Ma Motorama... So if you want to see a bunch of Great HotRod's, Please come out with your HotRod to the Motorama on August 24 2014 and drop a vote in for my car... If my HotRod is picked I will go onto the Cruisin’ New England’s Super Wheels Show in Boston on October 4 2014 at City Hall Plaza... So PLEASE come out to the North Adams Motorama on Aug 24th and vote for my 1970 Buick GSX so I can go onto the Super Wheels Show Down in Boston... Thanks Night CruZers for giving me this chance and Thanks to everyone in advance who is going to come out and vote for Matilda !!! Event Dates: August 24, 2014 Location: North Adams, Massachusetts Motorama returns for its fourth year in North Adams. Main, Holden and Eagle Streets will be closed to all but pedestrian traffic as downtown North Adams fills with hundreds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles and tractors. This vehicle show offers fun for everyone. Attendees can enjoy music, 50/50 raffles, food, shopping and more! For more information about exhibiting your vehicle call: 413-664-6378. For more information about attending the show call 413-664-6180 or email: tourism@northadams-ma.gov
  10. Now back to the ROTY.............................................. .................................................. .................................... It seems like the Chevy was cheating again and he was removed from the ROTY (no offical word on this yet)... So please everyone go and vote, if you have Facebook you can registar easyier to the forum that way, or you can just click on the registar button to open a Cool Rides page. So please follow the link below and vote, you can vote right up to 12 AM on Feburary 20th. It closes at 12 PM, Feburary 19th. Thanks Again....................................... http://forums.coolridesonline.net/sh...de-of-the-Year .
  11. OK Folks, there is a new "Voting Setup" for the Cool Rides Online Ride Of The Year... Please follow the link below and vote for my 1970 Buick GSX... The last contest had to be canceled do some cheating that was cought by Cool Rides, so they have started a new Contest to select the True ROTY. Thanks for voting... http://forums.coolridesonline.net/showthread.php?2930-Cool-Rides-Online-2012-Ride-of-the-Year .
  12. Well we have Good and Bad news, the Admins at Cool Rides must have been contacted about the problem or they cought someone "Stacking the Votes". Here's the message from them: Voting changes We've noticed that there has been some automated voting used to stack votes. To correct this issue moving forward, only votes from authenticated addresses will be accepted. This contest is intended to be ifriendly competition in good nature. We believe that the collector car & "gearhead" community is one made of people of principle with "old school" respect and honor. Let's prove it by having a fun and fair competition You may some of the vote percentages bounce around over the next few days as the unauthorized votes are removed. Have a great last two weeks of voting everyone! . So Please keep going and voting once a day and maybe we will pull this off now... Thanks to the greatest group of Buick Owners out here!!! Here's the Link to vote each day... /2012-cool-rides-online-ride-of-the-year-poll/ .
  13. Thank You BigDogDaddy Thanks to everyone else that has been voting also, please keep voting. Here's the info again: Please keep voting to 12AM on Feb 18, 2013. I'm behind, but if you all start voting each day ( or more :cool: ) I can still win this thing. Come on Buick Lovers start voting for my 1970 Buick GSX. Thank You!!! Here's the link again: /2012-cool-rides-online-ride-of-the-year-poll/ .
  14. Come on folks HELP ME OUT!!! I read the posts over on the MG Board and they are helping out the MG and the 1902 Olds... Come on Buick folks, are we going to let a British car beat my Buick!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Start voting......................................... Please keep voting right through to Feb. 18th... Here's the link again: /2012-cool-rides-online-ride-of-the-year-poll/ Thank You . <!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->
  15. Thanks for voting everyone... Please keep voting each day through Feb. 17th when voting closes that night at 12 AM... I'm still in 3rd right now, I've fallen back some, so if you all keep voting maybe we can get a Buick into the number one spot... The one in 2nd and 1st are nice vehicles, but there not a Buick Thanks Again :cool: Click on the link below to vote, than go down to about the bottom of the page, click on the bubble next to my Buick, go down a little more and click on the VOTE button... http://coolridesonline.net/news-blog...the-year-poll/
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