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  1. Thx guys. I will post back how the adjustment goes. I'm sure there will be other issues that come up. The car was completely restored, but was not driven, so there will be things that need to be changed/adjusted.
  2. Thx for the reply. I am located in NE Alabama near Scottsboro. My sector shaft seems to be loose. When I grab the wheels and move them, the sector shaft moves loosely, as in the steering wheel is never engaged. The sector shaft also seems to move up and down also, so I am thinking maybe the sector gear teeth in the worm gear is not adjusted correctly. My father in law sent the book down with the car, but my wife has misplaced it and I have been looking for it for weeks now.
  3. I have a terrible shimmy when driving, it starts and gets worse and feels like the car will break in half until I get stopped. I got the car up on jack stands and when grabbing the the front tires, I can move them quite a bit back and forth without the steering wheel moving. I can see the shaft that comes out the side to attach to the rods underneath the car is moving around when I do this, so I think the steering box is the trouble. It seems to be a 2 tooth sector, but not sure how to adjust it at this point, and not even sure if an adjustment is what it needs. My father in law restored th
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