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  1. I have a 1914 Model 32, when I bought it the guy said the starter had "S--t the bed." But the price was right and everything else looks beautiful so I took the gamble. He wasn't kidding in the least! When I pulled the starter out all the windings had been reduced to little copper shards, even the field windings had been damaged, I got on e-bay and what do you know a 1914 6 Volt starter for only $375. Being the genius that I am, I figured that was to easy, perhaps this is easier than I think, so I passed on it (worst decision ever) I have been searching antique junk yards and every online parts store I can find to no avail. Does anyone know of either someplace that sells replacement starters, or of one that I could use in place of the stock starter, I am pretty handy with a wrench and would be able to mix & match parts. The stock is a Westinghouse Frame 300 6-volt starter.
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