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  1. Sorry, but that tranny and engine are LONG gone !
  2. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Any suggestions on a source of 16 gauge rubberized fabric that Willys used as gasket under the trunk hinges and behind the parking lights ???????????
  4. Jim, you are an honest to goodness marvel of information !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Does anyone know of a supplier that has windshield and rear window rubber gaskets for a 1954 Willys aero lark 2 door sedan? I also need the rear side window gaskets and fuzzies for the door windows. A very special thanks to Jim, your information makes complete sense, now I can figure out how to get it wired, the right way! Tom
  6. Tried uploading pictures, but SOL! If you would email me, I can usually blunder thru emailing pictures. Sorry! Tom
  7. My 54 aero has tail lights I've nevber seen before! There is an extra, small one filament light above the normal dual filament brake/tail light bulb. The original wiring is sufficiently fried to prevent tracing it back. Any ideas?
  8. I have a complete '54 Aero driveline, consisting of an "F" head 6 cyl. (won't roll over), an overdrive transmission with cable and kickdown ( all gears operate smoothly with no nasty sounds or feel, O/D unknown), a driveshaft with a bad rubber boot, and a complete differential with no apparent defects. A factory radio of unknown operating condition is also available. Everything is "as it is", "where it is" in Phoenix AZ Everything is "best offer" Call 480-284-3772 with any questions
  9. I just purchased a "barn find" 1954 aero lark 2 dr sedan, unfortunately it has a hood that needs much work. Can anyone tell me if the hood from a 1953 aero will interchange. On the brighter side, I now have a complete driveline to dispose of, including an engine that wont roll over, an overdrive transmission ( can't check, engine doesn't run), driveshaft, and differential