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  1. Hello all again, and once again all this in regards to my 65 American 440. The wiring harness has been showing some various issues, including addition of two kill switches, a crimped hown wire, a crimped or shorted coil wire, and a few other sundry issues. Has anyone ever made an entire new wiring harness and installed it? I mean sure, it would be a job, but not impossible. Any opinions? Thanks again, John Charles Oakland, CA
  2. Hello again all. My 65 American 440 is being worked on outside and would like some sort of cover. It came with a medium-weight cover but that's shot and I really need to replace it. There are only about a bajillion covers out there so before I pull out any more hair...any suggestions for a nice-ish and not-too-expensive cover for my car? Thanks in advance, John Charles Oakland, CA
  3. Hello all, and all of this in regards to my 65 American 440. The alternator is shot and I can't get a straight answer as to whether a 1-wire or three-wire replacement AC Delco alternator would be better. The clock position on the existing is 9 o'clock, and it has an external regulator. A replacement AC Delco will be internally regulated. Now, as far as I understand it I can do one of two things. I can: 1. Get a 3-wire 7127-9 and deal with running a regulator wire to an ignition source, OR... 2. Get a 1-wire 7127-12 and move the clocking position. I can't seem to find a 7127-9 single wire. Ugh. I'm quite new to this wrenching-on-my-own car thing and it's both fun and scary. Has anyone ever reclocked an AC Delco alternator? There are procedures and videos that show how to reclock an alternator but I've gotten mixed opinions as to how easy/hard it is, and also if it's reccomended at all. Any information will be very appreciated. My best to you all. John Charles Oakland, CA
  4. If dropping in a 6042s is a good idea,then do you have any idea where I could buy a 6042s?
  5. Hang on - could the carb for a Gremlin be used on on a Rambler? Per Napa that would be a Carter type YF. Would it fit? Carbking, do you have a position on whether or not this would work? John
  6. Hi Jon, So...having all sorts of issues with this carb. Does your shop offer full rebuild services? As in I send the carb to you and you send it back to me all rebuilt and happy? I'd be interested in that sort of service. I hope to hear from you soon, John
  7. Hello all! I'm having all sorts of problems with my mixture, fast idle, choke...and it's no wonder. I think that this carb is somehow a patch of several different Carter carbs. In any case this is 6042S which is not listed as a stock carb in my service manual. My thinking is that I get a nice rebuilt stock carb and drop that in. That said, are there preferences to what I should get? According to my manual the carbs that were installed on the 2323ci engine were the Carter RBS 3709S, and the Carter WCD-3888s. Suggestions? Recommendations? Thanks in advance, John Oakland, CA
  8. Hello all, I'm installing the aluminum trim back onto my 1965 American 440. Before I go and use the wrong thing, does anyone have a favorite polish or buffing compound? Thanks in advance, John Charles Oakland
  9. Hello all! I have the original hood ornament for my 1965 American 440, and want to know the best way to install it, or if I should try to install it at all. The plastic is a bit cracked, and the metal back is a bit rusty, but my thinking is that it belongs where it belongs, yes? So it's a friction fit into two ferrules with no access to the back of them it seems. The ferrules are a little bit pilled with paint from when the car was last painted. So my thinking was to drill the paint out, then fill the holes and cover the back of the ornament with white bathtub caulk, press it into place, and wipe it neatly - good to go? Also, should I coat or seal the ornament with varnish or something before I install it? Thanks in advance, John Charles Oakland
  10. Hello all, This noob needs help with his throttle linkage. The other day I lost almost all resistance in my gas pedal, and also lost all ability to accelerate past perhaps 25 mph. I limped the car home and took a look under the hood. The control arm from the gas pedal reaches forward in the engine bay until it ends in a sort of flat metal flange with a slot cut into it. An arm of the rest of the linkage travels in that slot, and by depressing the gas pedal the flange moves the linkage. Now...there seems to be a lot of play between the flange and the rest of the linkage. By depressing the gas pedal the flange moves almost to the end of its travel before it engages the rest of the linkage. That's what's causing the loss of acceleration. Moving the linkage manually revved the engine just fine. Looking at the flange on the end of the gas pedal arm, it occurred to me that there should be some sort of adjuster on the flange or in the travel slot - at least some way of adjusting the travel. So did something just fall off/out of that flange? Or did something else happen? I'm thinking that I could get a smallish smooth-headed allen bolt and nut, and tighten that through the slot in the flange. That might serve as an adjustment point. But before I do that I'm wanting to get input. Any and all wisdom is welcome. Would a photo help? Thanks in advance, John G. Oakland, CA
  11. Good afternoon all! What I've got is a 1965 Rambler American 440 232cu. I bought it knowing that it was going to be a project, and I have a good set of tools. It's time to tackle the first item of business - namely the front coil springs and rear leaf springs. 1. The car is riding really low, but... 2. I'm not sure of the standard ground clearance is for my can 3. The shocks look pretty ancient 4. The rear leaf springs are pretty durn flat, i.e., not springy SO...my questions are: 1. Is there a way to tell if the F/R springs are shot? 2. Should I just go ahead and replace the coil and leaf springs? And if so, where might I find the parts? 2. If I'm going to tackle the leaf and coil springs, should I just go ahead and replace the shocks at the time? My thinking is that coil/leaf springs are just plain tired out. I've heard that I could install an air compressor and air adjusters both front and rear. Ahhhh...how 'bout no on that idea. Any and ALL input with my questions will be greatly appreciated. John C. Galleni Oakland, CA
  12. Monster cool, and thanks for getting back to me. I'm just getting the chrome package all sorted out - damn but it's a lot of shiny, shiny metal! - and should be in a place to start putting it on soon. I'll be back in touch soon. Thanks again Joe. -John 1965 AM Rambler American 440 coupe
  13. Hello all! I just purchased a 1965 Rambler American 440 - White/Black - 82K - 232. I love it, and love driving it. One of the buying factors was near-factory paint that was done mid-2011. The paint looks great, but all the chrome was taken off to do the paint. I have no idea where to start in putting the whole chrome kit back on. All of the mounting holes are open. Can anyone help me with this? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, John G. Oakland, CA
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