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  1. I am so envious! It looks just like my old car. Tell your wife I hope to see her driving it somewhere sometime - and I'll keep looking for a twin! Mary Anne
  2. We are going to give very serious thought to the "Summer Meet" - between you and Richard we are feeling quite remiss, and probably need to get a motel reservation sooner rather than later. Thoughts? (Probably better in an email)
  3. Not enough words to describe how grateful I am to everyone in the search for "my" Avanti. Big thanks to Dave who (finally) clued us in as to its whereabouts, and to Richared and Bill who keep me informed. No worries, Dave - even though I wouldn't recognize it, I'm sure it wouldn't recognize me either after all these years! Looking forward to updates and photos as it regains its place in the sun.
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