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  1. interesting and it did sell cheap considering how complete it is Jen
  2. looks good , look forward for some pictures from you Jen
  3. very nice truck and yes i think we all wish we had a bigger building , i'm starting to think i have way to much here and am overwhelmed Jen
  4. early 1935 dodge 1/2 ton truck , you will find a 1933 car sedan grill will be fine or early years truck grill in 1/2 ton. i have same cab here but no front grill . i would say that grill is in very good condition and to fix what you have. Jen
  5. if you have a early 1935 dodge kc then a 1933 sedan grill is same from what i have been told , thats as long as your truck is 1/2 ton . if i had your grill i would try to fix it rather than trying to find another as i been looking for some time with little success. i do have a 1934 dodge sedan one but its not same as truck , also have bigger truck grill as well which isnt same either Jen
  6. i very much doubt i have what you want . this car is basicly a shell with just a few extra items. i probably shouldnt have bought it but i didnt want it to go to scrap yard either Jen
  7. glad you did find some , sorry i wasnt able to help. i'm trying to order roofing shingles next Jen
  8. thats looking pretty good any chance you went to see chris yet to take pictures? hugs Jen
  9. the car is longer wheelbase as i have one here , which i will list for sale when i have time Jen
  10. i have two times sent you emails about items for sale without a reply back from you Jen
  11. looks like a perfect fit to me , let me know when you go to see your friend again looking forward for more pictures and parts Jen
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