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  1. I sure wish you were close by, I'd love to hang with you and learn some body work. Sweet car, I consider finding low mileage,one owner cars,to be my life long goal.
  2. Finally figured out how to use the search function effectively :cool: I found Terrill machine in De Leon, TX has rebuilt pumps (along with many other things) for 100 bucks , just thought I'd share. Very nice folks.
  3. Mine is not pumping, thought I'd take it apart and see if I can rebuild it myself. Before I take it off does anyone know if kits are available or maybe I can just make what I need, any input is appreciated. Rob
  4. well, this is the last shot at selling it here before doing something different. Have some people wanting to do a rat rod thing, I was hoping somebody here would save it, I guess not. (cant believe its to much money, i guess I should have asked 500 bucks) Thanks for you for your time, you have a good forum. later
  5. A very fair price for a real nice car.
  6. I'm in Marble Falls Bill, the ol' feller is sitting inside, waiting for ya. Take a nice Sunday drive up this way, the bluebonnets are outstanding this year! Rob
  7. Craigslist is a crap shoot but worth a try I guess. Thanks
  8. Oil could very well be 1966, the original owner passed in 1966 and it sat. It was trucked to Texas in the early 80's ( where the son lived who inherited it) and was drove around the neighborhood breifly then parked, again. He passed and I bought it. Brakes are shot, tires are shot but hold air nicely since I put new tubes in em. Interior is original I think, needs redone. I never messed with the tank, just disconnected the fuel line at the carb and ran a temporary fuel supply. Oil pressure is around 35 at idle. Both front glasses are cracked, the only ones. Ask away... Rob
  9. Well, got it rolling on its own today, clutch works fine and it shifts fine. Think I'm about done working on it, hopefully someone will buy it. I guess eBay is the best although I'm not familiar with it. Video,
  10. Dale, it is blank ??? not sure what that is about. I did find out the original owner was a wealthy business man in Nebraska.
  11. The tag says 1946 MOD. Nothing after this Style No 46(or 4G) 4569 Body No G41874 it looks like. Trim no 52 Got the ol' feller running! One of the valves is hung up, I'll work on it.
  12. Well, after much thought (and discussion with my wife ) I have decided to sell this ol feller. I bought it fresh out of the barn where it sat since the early 80"s. It was trucked out (early 80"s) from Nebraska where it was originally purchased to here in Texas. It was last registered in 1966 and has 66,000 original miles on it. I plan on getting it running because people have asked me if the motor is froze up or any good. I will get the motor fired up sometime this week.... I hope, that is all Im going to do to it. I have not even washed the dirt and dust off of it. The rust appears to be surface rust only with the bumpers showing signs of some pretty good pitting. Need more pictures, let me know. Thanks Rob