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  1. thank you so much. Have question are these rare hubcaps? I can't seem to find them anywhere I look
  2. I need some serious help please!!! According to ehubcaps I have 9 1/2 inch 64/65 Ford Falcon or Fairlane Hubcaps but I can't find any sites were they were actually mounted on a car. Can't figure out if original or after market. Lastly, I can't find anyone who stocks them except ehubcaps so not sure if there is a market for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. thank you so much definitely is mine the econoline ones looked nothing like mine.
  4. thank you everyone for your help. Am surprised that noone on web had these especially if they are after market hubcaps.
  5. I have looked all over internet and can not identify what ford hubcaps these are. Are they sought after or junk? Any help would be great.