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  1. The folks at Classics & Exotics in Troy, MI rebuilt the transmission and had the gears cut.
  2. Layout is very similar, but they are different. Other than some insignificant parts (like the drain plug) none of the CG p/ns are the same as the CD.
  3. We have what I consider a reasonable price to make both gears, so absent finding replacements, I'll go that way. Joe Morgan and others more knowledgeable than I am have told me the amount of machining and modifications required to fit the 3 speed makes that an uneconomical retrofit.
  4. Yes. I pretty well ran the traps on the usual suspects for CG-CH-CL series cars.
  5. I need the 2nd--R sliding gear and a cluster gear for a 1931 CG. It is a one year only 4 speed. The CH and CL are 3 speed. Any leads would be appreciated. Al Kroemer
  6. In addition to RROC, you should join at least 2 societies within RROC, The Phantom III Society and Goshawk. Both cover the pre-war Wraith. You should also join the British club--the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club. These are, as noted by others, very rare cars and many parts are NLA at any price. Good luck as they are, as are most RRs, fine motoring cars. Al
  7. I don't think you can go wrong using the oil sold by the Indiana Region of CCCA. It is specially formulated for our classics, so it doesn't need any additives. And it clings to the side of the cylinders, etc. for years, giving much better protection for the long term than modern oils. Al Kroemer
  8. Thanks, for all the replies. It is indeed a 2 BBL model DD. I will certainly not undertake to do anything to it myself. I had not realized how complicated this was going to be. I am sure it has not been touched in many years and while it seems to be functioning fine, since I pulled the manifolds to have them re-coated I thought I'd rebuild the carb while it is off the car. But given what I am seeing here, I think I'll follow the adage that if it ain't broke don't fix it. Al
  9. Dave, clearly you have paid your dues, so to speak, both at the national and regional level, which is why it is disappointing to see your comments regarding the board doing little about the membership challenges beyond offering a lot of excess for doing nothing. That directly ties into your comments regarding what the club spends its money on, implying it is somehow being wasted or spent profligately. I must respectfully disagree. During my time on the board we engaged in a number of membership initiatives, most of which required a financial investment. We (actually, Jay Quail) put together
  10. I would like to rebuild the Stromberg D3 on my '31 Imperial CG. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to find the kit and any rebuilding instructions. Thanks. Al
  11. Dave, the club does not put its members' money into European (or any other) CARavans. CARavans, whether one sponsored by national, such as the Cross-Country CARavan of the one in Eurpoe, or those put on by the regions, are self-sustaining. They are paid for solely and exclusively by the participants. The club has limited financial resources which the board works hard to be sure are used in the most cost-effective manner. Publications costs (including the costs of our editors) are our largest single expense--by far. I can assure you that if the board had more money available to increase
  12. I've heard this refrain for almost as long as I've been in the club--to the point it is beyond tiresome. I cannot imagine anyone from Sparta, MO complaining about the cost of events. There have been two CARavans, an Annual Meeting (not counting the one in Cincinnati) and a terrific Grand Classic in your back door in the last few years. All were extremely reasonably priced--I know because I was at every one of them. If you think you can put on an event at a more reasonable cost, volunteer to coordinate one! I'm sure the Spirit of Saint Louis Region would be happy to have you do so. As m
  13. I may be wrong but my recollection is that Stone Barn restored this car for David.
  14. I am looking at getting a new truck. I want a 2wheel drive. Towing a 40' enclosed trailer and heavy car. I have had a 2001 Chev. 2500 with the 501 cu. in. engine since new. I am concerned the new trucks with 6.0 and 6.2 liter gas engines may not have enough power to tow comfortably going up hills without excessive downshifting. I hate to spend the money (initially and for fuel) for a diesel. The truck is used about 10,000 miles/year and of that perhaps 3000 miles is for towing the car and trailer. Anyone have any experience with one of the newer smaller gas engines pulling a load like
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