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  1. Our closest greyhound place is in Seattle. That is an all day trip for me with a ferry ride. What is your address> I can check with FEDEX and UPS, but I need a zip code.. Thanks, Guy Denton
  2. Sorry you're so far away, and thanks for your comments. Some one will need them someday. Bye from Guy
  3. Thanks for the info, Maybe someone with a Pontiac or Desoto will want them. Thanks again everyone that replied. I really appreciate the help.
  4. The hubcap hole is 5 and 7/8'', or close to 6". I googled Plymouth wheel sizes in the 30's, and there is a chart that comes up with all the sizes. For 1932 it has the 18" wheel, but says the bolt pattern is 5 by 4-1/2. The wheels I have are 5 by 5". These wheels are located in Poulsbo, Washington, not far from Seattle. I also have a 39 Plymouth pickup frame with engine and all running gear, if anyone is interested. Thanks for the inquiry.
  5. I bought these wheels a few years ago when I was trying to restore my 34 Dodge pickup. I gave up on it, sold it, and now I am trying to sell these wheels. I thought they would fit my truck, and were advertised as for a Dodge or Plymouth. I thought the bolt pattern was 5 by 4-1/2". Someone came to look at them and discovered they are 5 by 5". The wheels are 18" diameter. The tires on them are 5.25-5.50-18. Can anyone help me ID these wheels as to what they will fit. I am asking $250 for them. Thanks, Guy Denton
  6. I was cleaning out my garage and found some door handle parts for a Plymouth or Dodge. Look at the pictures and make me an offer. Thanks for looking. I also have an emergency brake handle off of a 33 Dodge coupe. That's what I was told it was from, let me know if it is from something else. Make me an offer!!
  7. The wheel mounting studs are 5 and a half inches center to center. The inside hole is 3 and 3/8's and the distance between the 4 outer bolts is 17 and 3/4 inches
  8. I bought this wheel and tire at an auction. I know someone must need it. It looks old to me. It is 19 inch. The only thing I can read are on the 4 keepers that hold the wheel together. They say JAXON. I don't have a clue what it is for. Anyone have an idea? Thanks
  9. I haven't been there since then. I will drive up this week sometime and check. I want to see if he will let loose of the 34 coupe yet for parts.
  10. Here are a couple more pictures of the 34 Sedan I am looking at. Thanks,
  11. The same guy that has the 34 Dodge also has this hood he would like to sell, but, he doesn't know what it fits. Can anyone help? Thanks
  12. I have been looking for parts for my 34 pickup, haven't found anything, but I found a 34 4 door sedan on Craigs list not far from me. I went and looked at it. It is partially apart, and I thought I could use the engine, transmission, and a lot of other parts. The more I looked at it, and looking at all the parts spread around on shelves, the more complete it became. It has a grille shell, somehow cut in half, grille insert, new radiator, headlights, all metal interior parts. I was looking at the front fenders for my truck, and they measured 71.5 inches from the scallop to the running board. I thought I understood that those would be the right fenders, but the wheelbase is 116 inches. I thought only 111 inch wheelbase parts would be right for a pickup. the S/N is 3687206. Engine S/N is DR-10138. I would hate to take this car all apart for my truck restoration. It seems complete. It has been inside for the last 20 years. Even the hubcaps are there. Is it anything special, or just a run of the mill 34? I have enclosed some pictures. I can take more if anyone is interested. He wanted around $3,500 for it. It ran when parked. It turns over. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Progress has been slow. After doing research, I am not going any further until I can verify that it has the correct truck frame under it. I know the front axle is wrong, the front shocks are wrong, the engine is wrong, the grille is wrong, and so on. I am going to take the entire cab, fenders and everything off so I can find a serial number on the frame. to see if it matches anything. The s/n on the title is 9264775 which is a 42 Dodge number. The number on the tag on the cab is 8559591. That's where I am at. Bye from Guy
  14. Hi, I haven't had time to work on it at all. Christmas, winter storm that tipped over 6 100 year old apple trees to clean up, and relatives visiting, just no time. The pictures you sent are great and I appreciate them. Ican see that my bell housing out of a 39 plymouth PU isn't going to work, so now I will be looking for an bell housing and transmission for the right year. Thanks again, Guy
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