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  1. I need an antenna for my 1990TC Maserati.
  2. Anyone know how to fix the convertible top pull down motoe, or how to do it manually? I have locked it manually but still not all the way down. Thanks.Chuck
  3. My soft top has not been used for some time and now when I want to use it I find the fabric has shrunk. When I attach the front I cannot push the back down to engage. I tried doing the back first but than I cannot engage the front hooks. Is there any adjustment I can do? If I wet the fabric does anyone know if this would strech the cloth, or is there a product that can soften the fabric? Thanks, Chuck
  4. Any one having trouble putting up the soft top on your PT Maserati? Mine hasn't been up for a long time, and now it seems to have dried out so when I attach the front I cannot connect the back and vise versa. Any ideas? I thought maybe wetting it down might help. Thanks, Chuck
  5. My 90 TC has been stalling at the stop signs. Acts like it is either loading up on fuel or starving for fuel. On the freeway at 60 MPH if I accelerate it wants to bog down. I have changed the fuel filter, what else should I be looking for. Anyone else had this problem? Chuck
  6. [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] The 1980's were not kind to Maserati. After Alejandro De Tomaso took over the company in 1975, plans were made to turn Maserati into a much higher volume car producer. The vehicle with which the company planned to achieve this mass production was the Biturbo, an unfortunate blend of tricky road manners and mediocre build quality. The Biturbo had its merits, of course, and was a very capable car in the right hands. Over the years, Maserati even managed to work most of the gremlins out of its system. It never caught on in the United States, though, and Maserati faced sales so pitiful that they were forced to pull out of the U.S. market entirely. Chrysler, too, saw struggles in the 1980's. Fortunately for that company, though, chairman Lee Iacocca was able to bring stability back by the middle of that turbulent decade. Financial stability aside, Chrysler was no impressive car company during the Reagan years. Its product offerings, sad and impossibly boring, could do little to excite a public already ravaged by automotive mediocrity. Lee Iacocca saw that something must be done to reinvigorate the Chrysler nameplate, so he contacted his friend Alejandro De Tomaso over at Maserati. Together, they formulated a plan to bolster Chrysler's sagging image and aid Maserati's depressed financial situation. The product of this collaboration, unconventionally named Chrysler TC by Maserati, was introduced in 1988 to an audience that, well, didn't really care. Who could blame them? Delays in production meant that, though the production model was remarkably similar to the prototype, the TC was dated by the time it reached the street. Its looks were inoffensive, but they were tame to the point of anonymity. Chrysler was in charge of exterior design, and this fact allowed the vehicle's K-car roots to show a little too clearly in the TC's design language. Maserati tackled the interior design, but the car used a standard Chrysler console and instrument binnacle. Maserati did what they could with the little freedom they had, but sexy door panels were hardly enough to save a dull, dated interior.
  7. Anyone know how to stop the brakes from squeaking. 1990 TC Maserati
  8. Did any TC's come with a rear spoiler? I like the look.
  9. Listed on Craigs list for only 800 bucks. Check it out In Graham WA. call 253 753 0723, I am listing it for someone else, so I can't tell you anything bout it. Post # 3283685213
  10. I see "replay to thread", I do not see "post to thread".
  11. I am trying to figure out where I find new thread. Can you help me?
  12. I haven't replaced my broken window yet but will soon with plastic from Topsonline.com I don't want another broken window.
  13. Thanks a lot. I finally figured it out. I appreciate the help.
  14. I have a 90 TC and trying to remove the instrument assembly. I have all the screws out and have it lose, but can't figure how to remove the head light knob. It says to raise the cover and push the button on the lighting assembly, but I do not see a button, and can't raise the cover very far. Anyone know how to do this? Reply to me at plheinitz@hotmail.com please. Thanks, Chuck in WA.
  15. I bought as 90 with the same problem. Go to topsonline.com. 1-888-803-8505, They sell new window assemblies glass or plastic. I am going to use plastic, cheaper and I don't want another busted window.
  16. I bought the plastic knob for a Mazda. Its so close to the TC one no one will know. I think is from a 1996.
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