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  1. Larry My father in law had some health issues so everything else went on the back burner. Now we are looking into getting a house .but we plan to start work on the motor in the spring. We might put up some more pictures if we can get them from the camera to this site again. in the meantime we would love pictures and any other news on 28 Buick touring cars. We do believe though that we might have the second one and we have seen the pictures of the first one in the Canadian science museum. Thank you Mystery Buick
  2. If anyone has any pictures of 1928 Buick touring cars please post them. Thanks.
  3. It has been a long time since I posted but I did want to say Thank you for all the information on our GM Canada 1928 Buick model 49 touring car. We are in The US and it was amazing to hear from all over the world . And if anyone has anymore information on the numbers or this year Buick please post. Thank You , Mystery Buick
  4. Hello Everyone, Serial number is 142263. Engine number is 2180742 28 49 7 passenger touring General Motors of Canada steering wheel is on the left side when you are in the car We are trying to get a picture of the plate on the firewall and one of the car to show everyone . We have never done any posting like this before. What are the best books or sites to go to for research? Everyone is so nice on this site. Thank you everyone. Mystery Buick
  5. The data plate on the firewall says General Motors of Canada Limited 28 49 Serial no. 142263 Engine no. 2180742 Thanks to Rod W ,Sean and John for finding and sending the page information.
  6. I have a 7 passenger touring car The plate on the firewall reads 28 49 The plate on the fire wall and the numbers on engine both read 2180742 It has a straight 6 in it. It has a wide belt molding in the middle and narrow on both ends. I would like to find out if it is 1927 or a 1928 McLaughlin-Buick I need help finding out about serial numbers and best sites for researching . We plan to restore it after our research is done. We know that this car has not been seen since the early 70's. Thank you for helping us to solve this mystery.
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