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  1. I was looking up dynaflow rebuilders and this thread came up. I wanna get her on the road SO BAD!
  2. I just found this thread and need dynaflow help badly. Is this guy still doing them? Are the prices reasonable? When I ask reasonable I mean I dont have to donate a lung or something, although that would be less painfull than some of the prices I have seen...
  3. Where and who in Wis. does this? Where and who in In. does this?
  4. Looking for a battery for my 49 Pontiac 6v
  5. Going to look at a 49 Pontiac this weekend, was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good parts sites/places for her? Also was wondering about production numbers. Thanks
  6. Think Im gonna pull motor and trans, put the seals I can put on without "rebuilding" it wipeing motor and trans clean and reverse process...
  7. Ive heared that doing the seal isnt bad but pulling it is, its a huge heavy pig...:eek:
  8. Not as "perty" as yers. Mine will be more ratty...
  9. Not engine oil, it is tranny fluid. The engine funs awesome(knock on wood). There is a plate on the bottom of the bellhousing, the leak has been coming from there. I pulled that plate and the plate HAD a seal on it, the seal has seen better days. I plan on replacing that seal or is that not even a consideration, thats why I thought it would be the front pump seal. I have read on here that sometime the bolts on the "torque converter" come loose and that could be it to, so I guess that would be my next lookie-look... I will look at the lines like you suggested though.
  10. THAT is a BEAUTIFUL car brother. :eek: Wish I had the money to make mine look as nice!
  11. This is my first buick! I am very excited about this car and havine lots of fun with my family in it!
  12. I am new to this site and I need help! I have a 56 Buick Super that is leaking like Niagra Falls. Its comming from the front, Im assuming from the front pump seal. Im a member of RRR and some of the guys said that without looking at it that thats what it sounds like. I want to keep the original drivetrain if I can so any help would be appreciated. Thanks Craig<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  13. Thanks for the quick response. I am planning on joining the Buick club, was wondering on "free" advise as well. Thanks