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  1. Finally got all the exhaust system parts to put it all back together, and the bolts that connect the intake to the exhaust manifold snapped, both of them. So I drill out the centers and insert the easy out... Snap! Broke one in each bolt. So now there is hardened steel in the holes... Sigh. Put it on the shelf and called it a night. Sometimes you just have to accept that "stuff happens". --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?g2d3wq
  2. Is it possible to post video? --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?uicfbz
  3. If it's already stripped down to that point, finish the process and lift the body off the frame. Stamped on the top of the frame should be the vin number and that can be uses to figure out it's production date. Congratulation on your find and good luck! I had an exhaust leak (bad gasket) and it was blowing right into the carb. So when I would take it out it seemed as though it was choking out. So I pulled the manifolds and just waiting on the parts to put it all back together. --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?3tu4vo
  4. Passed inspection, legal rolling traffic slowing device now
  5. Took it out on the road today for a short run. Cleaned the plugs, shimmed the fuel shutoff ball valve (worked well), retimed it, and she fired up first try. Want to run it a bit before I pass judgement on the clutch.
  6. Apparently at some point in the past someone cobbled a pigtail wire from the bottom to the top plate. It was grounding out against the side of the housing. A little black tape and taa daa! Fired up and ran good, skipped a little so I'm going to re-check timing and clean the plugs again. Found an exhaust leak at the manifold (new gasket will sort it out). I've been going over my carb, which is a Zenith when I realized that the float shutoff valve is a Tolletson rather than from a Zenith. Is that a normal substitute or did someone mess that up too?
  7. Set the timing, made sure everything was good to go, and tried to fire her up. Ran great for a whole hot 5 seconds, then wouldn't fire again.....sigh. Have a friend coming tomorrow to see what I've done wrong
  8. Sounds interesting, but I don't want to risk hydrolock or worse. I wouldn't count on the engine taking a beating like that and still run:). Thanks though.
  9. I was going to do the timing today but the electric junction box on the firewall fell into about 15 pieces. So spent my time wiring in the new one. Does anyone know the best way to clean carbon out of the cylinders (without removing the heads). Is there something to add to the fuel? Thanks for any advice in advance
  10. I also have the small flat wrench, but need the larger one to turn the engine over to #1 TDC. Then I'll set the cam in the distributor. Also just finished watching the video by Les Andrews, have to check adjustment on the steering column.
  11. Well, I figure I'll be using it again on my 28. Any excuse for a new tool. Lol. After I'm done with these two I'm hoping to pick up a few more. There's one for sale less than a half mile from me now. Have to stop in and check it out;)
  12. New battery cables (heavier than what was there), new inline fuel filter, new screen filter in carb (original was missing), new points, new cap and cable to coil, and new plugs. Just waiting on a timing wrench to get that set, then hope to get it fired up by next week. Will running it get all the carbon out of the cylinders or will I have to pull the head?
  13. I think you may be right about it being a 31. The fuel shutoff is under the hood on the firewall vs in the passenger compartment. I think that was one of the changes between 30 and 31.
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