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  1. Yes I can separate the shell from the radiator, but the radiator is not worth much by itself so my price would be the same and keep in mind this is a rare hard to find shell, especially in this very good condition. - Andy
  2. the outer grille shell chrome has small spots but could be buffed out for a good driver, the emblem top center says Whippet Four , the radiator has new paint but the upper neck has a small cut in it as if it were going to be made to fit something else, I'm not sure but it was sitting in a rack full of model A and T ford radiators in an old shop in Phoenix since the 1950's, sat there for 60 years, the radiator and shell are bolted together ,$300 I can box it up in wood for shipping , you pay shipping fees. I can text pictures on cell. more info call Me ,Andy at (602)441-3607 or text to My cell
  3. in 1970 in Navy boot camp in San Diego our company commander drove in in a brand new 1970 Chevy Kingswood Estate wagon asked me to drive it to the wash area on the side of the barracks and it had a 4 speed and a curved shifter to clear the bench seat
  4. they made civilian trucks but very few, I own a 1944 model MS 1 1/2 ton civilian blackout model, they built 108 in '44, the MS is a 1942 model that continued until July '45 and the'42 serial #s continued sequentially from Sept. '41 through July 30 '45, the civilian trucks had no stainless trim, tin painted all the same as the body the windshield post seams are welded from the outside and not finished and outside door handles are tin coated with brown plastic.
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