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  1. Thanks Larry that would be great..please call me with the info..760-567-3712. Not sure if the Olds would work tho. Best Bryan Burns
  2. I just purchased a beautiful '57 Special with manual steering. I am looking to convert it power steering and need all the required parts: pump, pulleys, resevoir, gear box etc. I have been told that the '58's have the same set up so that could work as well. Please contact Bryan Burns 760-567-3712 if you have the parts or know someone who might. Thanks so much!
  3. Just bought this beautiful car but need to install a power steering set up. Does any have any of the parts needed to convert a manual steering car to power steering. Pump, resevoir, pulleys, gear box etc. Please contact me if you do. '58's have the same set up so that would work as well. Thanks Bryan Burns 760-567-3712
  4. I bought some cornering lights on here but need to know where I can buy or order reproductions of the lenses. The ones I have aren't in good shape. Thanks Bryan Burns 760-567-3712
  5. Please help..having a really hard time trying to find a replacement for mine. Just charged the AC and it blows cool not cold because this part needs replacing. All the ones are Ebay don't look like the one on the car. The one on the car has two hoses that attach on the top side of it. Also need a good set of lenses for my cornering lights. Thanks this site has been a great resource. Bryan Burns 760-567-3712
  6. It IS a beautiful car.... I restored it in 2002 and had to sell it when the real estate market crashed in California. I can vouch for the condition as I sold it to a friend of a friend. I purchased another '64 2 years ago that is a 60,000 orig mileage car owned by the same family for 35 yrs otherwise I would buy it back. Bryan Burns Palm Springs, Ca BCA# 35461
  7. I need one in good condition..not faded. Please contact Bryan Burns@ or call 760-567-3712 Thanks much Bryan Burns Palm Springs, Ca
  8. I have a '64 Buick Electra 225 I need a set of cornering lights for. Please respond to or call 760-567-3712 if you have a set or know someone who does. Thanks much Bryan Burns Palm Springs, Ca
  9. Hi Chris..looking for a good to excellent tri-shield emblem for the trunk lid..mine is faded on my Electra 225 4 dr hardtop. Can email me or call 760-567-3712 Thanks, Bryan Burns
  10. Looking to buy a good to show quality tri-shield trunk emblem..mine on the car is faded. Bryan Burns 760-567-3712. Palm Springs, Ca