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  1. Bump. Motor and trans are pulled and sitting in the garage.
  2. Will do, Ben. Should be pretty cool...a little different. Picked up a 2.3L ecoboost / 6r80 auto trans out of a 2016 Mustang. Going to go bigger turbo and some other goodies that should put down around 410hp/420tq to the rear wheels. Scott’s Hot Rods IFS, 4 link rear, coilovers all around. Gonna be a lot of fun ?
  3. Sorry West, just seeing the reply, but Ben already already answered your question.
  4. Just purchased my new drivetrain, so figured I’d bump this post.
  5. Agreed, I’d rather it not sit in my garage and rot, and I refuse to scrap it. It’d like to see it go to someone who will be able to use it.
  6. Thanks for your input, but I dont recall asking for opinions on my plans, for my car. I dont want a new car...I want this car, and I am going to modify it regardless of what anyone else would like for me to do with it. It is not a rare or very desireable car, but it means a great deal to me and I plan to drive it for a very long time. Andy
  7. @MrEarl I’m in Atlanta, just north of the perimeter. Willing to entertain offers from anyone in need of the driveline, as I’m not exactly sure how to value it. I apologize if not listing a price is against the rules.
  8. Kind of...it’s getting a LS. I’ve owned and driven the car in its current state for a little over 10 years, but don’t drive it as often as I’d like, simply because it’s not really ideal for Atlanta traffic.
  9. 248ci straight 8 (complete...carb to oil pan and currently running). Along with the 3 speed trans, torque tube and rear end. All original and all in working order, still in the car at this time. I belive there to be around 55k - 60k miles on the car. Minor exhaust leak at the manifold gasket, which is pretty common. Feel free to text me @ 770-318-8315. Im in Atlanta, Ga.
  10. That is like 5 minutes from my house! Thanks a lot, Mike. I'll reach out to him for sure.
  11. I'm in Atlanta and looking for a local place to rebuild my transmission. I've found a couple of places, but would require I ship the transmission at probably $150 each way. Thanks, Andy
  12. Bump...does this seem like a reasonable price point? May out the car in ebay, may just keep it. Am I in the right ballpark here? Thanks
  13. Sorry. $10,900 obo. I'll update the first post. Thanks
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