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  1. yes those are the wheels, but ours were black. check out the "dished" center cap and buick logo. always dad put red stripes. also there were no leaf springs, it had trailing arms and coil spring buckets on the axle, awsome smoked glass "vista cruiser" roof, am fm, simulated wood down the side, cream collor paint, biege or tan intr, more later gotta go
  2. thank you everybody, I know it was originally used to tow ski boats. The owner sold it and bought a suburban. then we had it. my dad taght me to wrench on that car,so i can recall trips to west covina auto parts. when we replaced the water pump there was a issue with its hight, probably beause of the thicker radiator, so we had it rebuilt, and yes it was a turbo 400, I've never seen the wheels elsewhere, only wish I knew the gear ratio
  3. I would love to talk to people about this, that car was totally optioned out,everything, roof rack, coilovers al lthe way, buick rally's with beauty rings, harington air, pwr seats n windows n locks, 400 turbo trans, 4 core side tanks, factory flex fan, special order spark plugs, that was strange, the water pump too.
  4. yes it had a gs badge and if i'm not mistakin also a stg.1 sticker an the valve cover. my father was very passionate about how special the car was. he bought it from a doctor or someone like that in san marino ca.
  5. does anybody have info on this model?
  6. Hi, my name is TimO I grew up with a '68 gs 400 sportwagon.
  7. Hello, please discuss any knowlage with me. Around 1974 my father bought a 1968 gs 400 sportwagon. I cannot find any info that the car exists today, but it was real. I know alot about our car. Today I can only regret damaging it as a teen driver. I believe it also had the stg.1 package aswell. This car was optioned out to the max. Does anyone have info of this model? What would it be worth today?