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  1. Very cool and neat to see this one comeing together thanks for the pics
  2. Welcome to the club. Please post some pics
  3. Well its 2-8-2014 and with this cold winter nothing was done on my 39 she is sitting in a storage unit with the door packed with snow. No real big plans this year just get the radio workin and driving and injoying the 39 then maybe next fall worrie about paint and the rest of the body work. Well talk to everyone later in spring
  4. Cool web site ill send pics of mine one of these days.
  5. Well everyone the 39 fired up today and is on face book under 39 buicks or on my face book its not under my youtube because i was not there stuck at work for the weekend i know sucks to be me lol so hope to have on the road monday night if not raining i hope thanks everyone that has been watching and waiting with me
  6. Grant I will do my best it is all up to my buddy thats helping me i have to work all weekend and he was going work on the rest of the fuel lines and return lines and hope to fire it up i really hope he waits till monday night so i can be there and i will video tape it Cheers Jamie
  7. Welcome to the group great place for info and parts
  8. Well just wanted to say hi to everyone and yes im still alive and working on the 39 i hope to hear it runing for the frist time in two years this weekend or monday night at the shop i will try to get pics up or up load a video to my you tube page hope everyone is doing well keep fingers crossed and maybe by monday might habe good news on the 39 talk to you all later
  9. I will do ky best to take pics and maybe a video of them when the time comes. Thanks again everyone
  10. Thanks everyone for the addvice o think im going to get the kit from chevy of the 40's and the rings from there also if the price is right. Thanks again
  11. Thanks found him at prewarbuick.com Thanks again
  12. Yes i do think you are right now i jist got find his web site or his number from when i bought my core support from him Thanks
  13. Thanks everyone i will look into the chevy of the 40 and the trim ill check on to unless maybe the guy in minnensota has two of them but have to look up his number and name again Thanks again
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