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  1. Yes I would consider but haven't been able to find who makes them with my searches online.Where did you get yours. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Thanks for the info Brian,I hadn't thought of the other vehicles that may have the same armrests.
  3. Hello, I am looking to buy 1971-73 Riviera lower deluxe armrest door panels preferably in sandalwood but will consider other colors.I am looking for panels with no cracks and good pressed cardboard backing. Thanks in advance, Brian
  4. Buick Riviera. Haven't posted in forever and don't know what I'm doing! Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy both driver and passenger side lower door armrest panels for deluxe interior that aren't cracked and pressed cardboard backing in good condition.My car has the electric windows and power seat switches in the front of the armrest.Ideally looking for sandalwood but will consider other colors. Thanks in advance, Brian
  6. I used the same paint for the trim pieces that you are talking about.Just tape it off and mist on light coats.It does not cover very well at first so refrain from laying it on too thick.Nice thing is that it dries quickly, 10 minutes or so before I re-coat.Once paint has dried for an hour or two ,then pull the tape.I don't like leaving tape on too long.I purchase SEM from my local Car Quest auto parts store and I think NAPA carries it as well.If you can't find those stores in your area try to find an auto parts store that sells auto body paints and supplies.
  7. This is SEM trim black.I also use this on the interior trim.It goes on thinner than Rustoleum and will require few light coats.It doesn't have that thick look that Rustoleum has.That being said, I love Rustoleum satin black for just about everything else. It is great for chassis and under hood and holds up for years. You also can't beat the price and how easy touch up is.
  8. Guys, I am working on a linear actuator set-up as we speak.Also the linkage arms and bell cranks. It takes time, research along with a lot of trial and error and testing.Trying to keep it easy to install and reliable.I will keep you updated.
  9. I don't know of replacements but they are for mounting the a/c condenser. The condenser bolts to the upper radiator crossmember with rubber isolators and has a tab on each side at the bottom that fits between the bolted rubber isolator that you have circled.
  10. Thank you Ed.I know that took quite a bit of time.Much appreciated. Brian
  11. Steve, We posted at the exact same time! Your post is much better!
  12. The one in the picture is a passenger side with power window switch hole and the upper hole is for the power vent option.