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  1. I think so. I did read somewhere that the C8 was only available with leather. C6 could get either cloth or leather. The pictures and documents I have seen show the interior of both the sedan and coupe the same. Good Luck with the resto.
  2. One more thing, are you painting the exhaust manifold and if so what color would be correct?
  3. I need as set of exhaust gaskets for my C8. Where did you purchase yours? Thanks,
  4. I spent days, no weeks, possibly a month on the gaps on my Special. Then lifted from frame only to have all the gaps shift around. Seems to happen every time I lift the car from the frame and sometimes just driving on rough road will knock them out. Constantly adjusting. Maybe it is just mine but it does seem to want to bend around a bit.
  5. I elected to engineer a hybrid. I cut 3/4" off of both ends of the original stainless center cap and inserted a 3/16" steel rod. The rod was positioned to protrude out of each end by 5/8" and was welded in place. Then I purchased the new style hold downs from ebay and inserted the rod and reinstalled. The chrome hold downs match nicely with the stainless and the seam in less than 1/8". All in all very pleased and I can open and close the hood by myself. I still need to be careful as it is a very tight fit. With only one rod the hood opens 100% one side at a time but if opening both side
  6. New to the Buick forum. Summer of 2013 rebuilt the dash. Included painting, polishing, lighting, wiring and getting booth radio and clock working. Clock is not very accurate but cool to say it works. Radio actually not to bad, AM of course. Main project now is a 1936 Chrysler, C8 convert. Your project is coming along nicely. Mine took about 4 years from start to finish.
  7. I took my 1936 out last weekend and for the second time the gear shift shaft broke off leaving me in 2nd. Has anyone else had this issue and how was it resolved. The metal at the bottom of shifter seems very thin and can not handle the torgue of the long handle.
  8. Glove box on the drivers side is shorter, it measures about 5.5" to the front edge of the dash. The radio is about 7" when measured from the firewall inside. The drivers side glove looks to have been cut and a new back installed. Very well done, could be factory installed. Backwall of box was fitted and rivited in place with old style fasteners. Let me know if you need any further maesurements. It is nice to know there is another Airstream out there.
  9. I found an original tag and made an exact duplicate. The only difference is mine says " TRADE MARK REGISTERED" on the bottom. I have attached a couple of photos of my radio location. I am not positive it was dealer installed but looks to be correct location. It is a tight fit with only about 1/2" clearance from interior wall and steering column. Glad to hear you had a chance to get the Chrysler out for a drive. Mine is running strong be we only another 4 weeks before back to storage for the winter.
  10. Goes well, in fact runs real smooth over 2000 rpm. Overdrive works and makes cruising at 50 very comfortable. With ply tires don't go much over 50, it begins to feel loose.
  11. First show with almost complete C8. Hot August nights, Reno, Nevada Had a lot of interest in the car. Folks really enjoyed the owners manual, warranty 4000 miles or 90 days and the original accessory catalog. Also had the build cards and original sales brochure.
  12. Has anyone removed the headlight switch? Wow do I get the knob off? The "L" is sideways and looks very silly.
  13. I found out that it is called a body tag. If anyone has a photo I would appreciate seeing what it should look like and I will try to reproduce. I used google and was unable to find a manufacturer offering replacements. Also tried both Atlas and Bernbaum with no luck.
  14. Yes, that is the tag. Do you have a close up that you could submit? Thanks,
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