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  1. what's in it right now is D5 42569. hanging in a tree was an engine block (T12 13595) with a crankcase. he gave me that and a head that I assume goes with it. I still have everything he gave me.
  2. last year countrytravler said the engine was from a 1937 Dodge D5 car. Any idea how big?
  3. since the engine is not original, I am not going 100% original. as countrytraveler said a year ago "I would just build the truck to comfort your sweet tooth" and so I am. I do want to be able to move faster than 50 mph and not have the engine maxed out. I don't want a hot-rod and have no intention of going that direction. 30dodge35 - you and I are gonna talk. thanks everybody for your feedback.
  4. I apologize if I am on the "wrong" forum. since I started this conversation a year ago I thought it was "my forum". please share with me where I need to go and get just as valuable of info and help as I have been getting on this forum. I am truly sorry.
  5. there ARE four jack stands that the frame is sitting on. cinder blocks are supporting axles til I get around to removing them. I just thought disc brakes would be safer than drums.
  6. what is entailed in switching out drum to disc brakes? and I'd like to have the engine rebuilt this winter. any advice?
  7. my progress so far. many items already at body shop.
  8. should I put the window regulators back in before or after the doors are primed?
  9. window regulators are out. had to get a strong friend to help. going back in won't be easy. one of the channels that the glass sit in is gone. spent the afternoon sanding in an effort to find the serial number now that I have the fender off. no luck so far.
  10. there is no glass (long gone). I have all the screws removed. mechanism is loose. just doesn't seem to be enough room to push it in.
  11. Everybody, how do I get the window mechanism out of the doors with the window channels in the way?
  12. not scared off. winter happened. actually taking the fenders off this weekend.
  13. Dave, there are these 2 pans down on the sides of the engine. One is gone. what are they for?
  14. Dave, I know you are a Dodge guy but I was wondering if you know of any plymouth resources. This 34 roadster has a serial number -woohoo! ! 3009270. it also has a tag on the firewall -30319cc. don't quite know what that one is. There is another tag on the firewall but I don't see any numbers on it. can you point me in the right direction?
  15. my dad has lost the title. I'd like to get a duplicate before he dies so he can turn it over to me. it was last registered in CA 1985. still has the license plate. but I need that serial number. drats!!
  16. I can not see anything that resembles a serial number
  17. and last time I was back Dad gave me the gas tank, the block of the original engine and the crank shaft. rather than have the engine in it now rebuilt, perhaps I should just have the original done. are they the same h.p.
  18. Finally got the wheels off. Now I can look for numbers on the frame. noticed there's no bell housing. that gonna be a problem locating one?
  19. Dave, I am back at my dad's getting ready to haul a 1934 Plymouth roadster home. He gave me an engine block for the Dodge pickup. He said its the original engine. Can you check? Serial number is TI2-I8595. Those are capital Is, not ones.
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