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  1. thank you! i'm a novice. In comparing some on-line pictures, I suppose it's about 1910.
  2. What caught my eye was the rear door handles (oval ring). Not sure what make and model the auto is. Ideas? thanks
  3. thanks for the responses. here is another view
  4. Thereis a single stylized "F" on the top portion of the radiator
  5. here's a look at that very interesting windshield
  6. I see that the images are the same size as before.....oh well. Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. Thanks. I'm new at this....here is my attempt at a larger photo (same scene though):
  8. Does anyone know what Make, Model and Year this car is? All I know is that the photos were taken in 1917. http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/6/0/4/5/4/4/webimg/535029501_o.jpg"> THANKS!
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