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  1. I think I figured out where I went wrong. My grandmother's reference to her mother driving her "electric" was a reference to the new electric starter in their Willys Overland Coupe (which first appeared in the 1914 model): http://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Overland-Coupe-Orson-Lowell/dp/B005DH48DU Though this ad places this car in 1911, I think it's actually a 1915 as it has electric start and still has side lights: Antique Car But, I think the vertical door handle and the lack of side lights pins it as a 1916 Opera Coupe (model 84B?): http://www.wokr.org/gallery/wk_37.htm Thanks for all your
  2. I received one guess offline that proposed that it is a 1920 Detroit Electric, but the picture he sent has many distinct differences. The wheels are very different, but I'm sure that's easy to swap out from year to year or model to model. But the hood in my pic is much longer and straight barrel shaped meeting the body at right angles with a trim ring instead of the "swoop" up. It looks as though this also has a door handle on the front opening towards the rear which none of the Detroit Electrics I found had. The fenders and running boards look VERY
  3. Hello all, I found this website by chance doing a Google search. I am trying to identify my great grandmother's electric car from a family picture dated 1925 (perhaps earlier). I have no idea how old the car was at the time. My great grandmother, Hester L. Coontz (nee Hanrahan) was born about 1893 and we believe this was taken on 145th Street in Toledo, Ohio. I've just purchased an all electric Nissan LEAF a few weeks ago, so I guess electrics run in my family! I wanted to post an introduction post to the www.mynissanleaf.com forum with the a
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