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  1. "Tuck & Susan"......many thanks for you assistance, the Rodgers Paint & Varnishes chips of 1914 seems to be an avenue that shows the most promise for the time period. Thanks a bunch!!
  2. I am working on a scale model of the First Indy winner Marmon Wasp, which sits in the IMS Museum here in Speedway. My research on this object has led me into more opinionated blind alleys than true facts. Since every witness to that history has passed actual documentation seems to have been after thought. And as a retired engineering type, I hold Ray's (Harroun) the original driver, discription of the color 'pale orange' with reverent regard. So now dear comrades of automotive I present this burden for wisdom. Thanks for your help. Jeff M.
  3. Jim, I checked out both race dates and found that A. F. Scott drove Gil Anderson entered Stutz but they didn't cover back-in-the-pack finishers. Thank you so much for the tip.
  4. Bob, thanks for the tip in the "Old Motor" site, took two days but got through all 193 pages and several stops on videos. It was flat out wonderful. I just will not think Automobile, racing or otherwise, the same again. What a Motorhead treasure chest. Many thanks and blessing to you and yours in this New Year!!! Jeff M.
  5. In pursuit of photos of restored and/or original Stutz Racers. Family had a riding mechnic during that peroid, C. W. Scott. His youngest brother had a letter written in 55' telling of his exploits from 1912 thru 1917 when he road with Earl Cooper and Gil Anderson. Wisconsin L-B4 was the power and enclosed open top body work was the norm. I've been wanting to build a scale model of one of these early "Make-good-in-a-day" racers. Any assistance toward this research project will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks-Jeff